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New York: Teen charged following attack on gay rights activist

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  1. johnny33308 28 May 2013, 8:37pm

    All the hatred and bigotry being directed at the LGBT community arises DIRECTLY from religious directives issued by the christian, muslim and Mormon church leaders. PERIOD! They promote this in response to the advancement of LGBT Equality all over the world. They can now only “get” LGBT individuals but cannot touch the group since we are gaining full Civil Rights in many countries….they encourage violence and the murder of innocent LGBT people by fanning the flames of hatred and intolerance…..all such bigotry comes exclusively from those who are self-proclaimed ‘religious’….what sort of spiritual belief teaches hatred as a way of life? Should such a belief by allowed at all in a Civil Society? Is it not the epitome of “anti-social” behavior in actual fact, rather than some sort of ‘religious freedom’? These people are mentally impaired in a very serious way, as well as to a very great degree….shocking is what it is!