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France: Francois Hollande accused of introducing equal marriage ‘to satisfy lobby that financed him’

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Reader comments

    Yeah, that site is a joke. Pretty much every story they report on gets derailed with comments accusing Zionism for everything.
    And all the rubbish about adoption rights was said for no other reason than to please the Putin politics that is taking over Russia.

    1. That There Other David 28 May 2013, 10:58pm

      I laughed when their report said that meteor that exploded over Russia and blew out some windows would have hit and killed millions had it been flying towards any other country. According to RT the Russian military were able to shoot it down, despite it moving at 30,000mph or so :-)

    2. RT tend to give a pretty good and unbiased report generally – they tell you the facts that the BBC likes to leave out because its inconvenient to them.

  2. Oh wow. A president is critisized for actually doing one of his election promises.

  3. Hahaha, he makes me laugh!

    The riots were by the aggressive heterosexuals and the force used by the police was the correct one

  4. Bruno dear, there’s nothing worse than a bad loser.

  5. Well of course, they’re all funded by someone!. They work for money after all, these careerist politicians. Same with Cameron.

  6. Pink pound, pink euro, ping dollar=pink power fighting for equality. Makes sense to me.

  7. Hypocritical bastards! What about the connections of Manif to the French National Front, as well as to the antigay World Congress of Families, National Organisation for Marriage and Witherspoon Institute (US Christian Right groups)?!

  8. If you leave your child in an orphanage you have surrended all rights – you have FAILED as a parent and should be ashamed of yourself. Let the children have a normal life with family who actually care and can look after them.

  9. Sounds like someone’s been reading a few too many dan brown novels to me.

    The illuminati did it!!

    New world order!!

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