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Pakistani lesbian couple seek asylum in UK following death threats

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck to them, I hope they have a human judge deciding their case and are allowed to remain in the uk. Although , they will be at risk here also, from many british muslim extremists as they have received death threats from Brits also, unless of course our government finally do something to stop the radicalisation/brainwashing of vulnerable, gullible muslims in the uk.

  2. The most depressing part of his story is the hatred being piled onto these brave women by commenters on the Independent and other newspapers.

    Numerous commenters seem convinced this is an immigration scam, but if it is, it’s the worst scam I’ve ever heard of.

    1. Both women were in Britain legally for years as students. If they were looking for an immigration scam, why not find Britons to marry? Automatic leave to remain with no risky asylum process.
    2. They may well be denied asylum, as LGBT asylum seekers with very strong cases are frequently deported.
    3. Being known to be a lesbian in Pakistan is highly dangerous. Having made this public statement, these women are risking death if they’re denied asylum. Why take that risk when there are easier ways to immigrate – unless it’s true?

    I hope the UK government will look carefully at this couple’s situation and if they are at risk, they should be given asylum in line with the UK’s international obligations.

    1. I was going to say that this is surely the most bona fide legit no-questions-needed case when it comes to granting asylum, I can’t believe that you found people suggesting otherwise, for precisely the reasons you outline.

      Plus, being an out woman in Pakistan is as you say dangerous at best, but for a couple to be open about both their sexuality and being muslim in Britain isn’t exactly easy for many people.

      Good luck ladies.

    2. Take a look at the Mail Online, that’s the worst of the lot.

      Lots of comments of the “We’re full!” variety.

      Utterly disgusting.

      1. Indeed. But no-one expects anything else of the Mail, do they?

        I suppose I thought better of the readers of the Indy and the HuffPo. Silly me.

        I was particularly shocked to discover that most people seem to think:

        a) that claiming asylum over sexuality is something cooked up by CallMeDave – in fact it was the old House of Lords (now Supreme Court) which mandated it back in 1999.

        and b) that this asylum claim is because of the same-sex marriage bill (which hasn’t even passed yet, and which will have no bearing on this sort of case).

        Inaccurate, headline-grabbing press coverage of this sort of story has a lot to answer for. Give the press a story with cute, Muslim lesbians and it’s Leveson, what Leveson?

        1. Quite right, you would expect better of the Independent but quite often reactionary right-wing loons hijack message sections on the Guardian too, it’s nothing new.

          That’s the press in general, they create hysteria to sell papers and the facts have very little to do with people’s opinions on the story in many cases.

          Who needs accurate press coverage when you can be outraged and froth at the mouth?

  3. Mister Fister 28 May 2013, 4:38pm

    I have nothing but admiration for the bravery of these women. Their courage is amazing and should give inspiration to others in their unenviable position. Good luck to both of them

  4. Patrick Mc Crossan 28 May 2013, 6:33pm

    Sorry but I can see through the pretence.

    If they simply wanted to get married, and then say they would be in danger if they went home they could claim asylum without the media attention.

    The media attention guarantees they are unsafe to return so whether they are legit or not is now irrelevant.

    The damage done is it does without doubt open up yet another Scam for would be illegals to get into our overcrowded country.

    Why would you start married life letting the whole world know about something that results in death threats.

    Will these death threats mean they cannot work safely and be in hiding costing us all money.

    I applaude them having the courage to do something that is not respected in their religioin and country.

    There is no need to seek to much publicity in the circumstances.

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