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Italy: Deputy responds to letter of suicidal gay teen

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Reader comments

  1. Italy is a disgrace to enlightenment, that it still has not given gays the same right. A country that still marvels over Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

    1. Midnighter 27 May 2013, 1:53pm

      … and Carravaggio and countless others who were good enough to be used for their talents and despised for their natures. The history of Italian “enlightenment” is also the history of a society guided by hypocritical parasites, to this day quite capable of expressing marvel at such beauty whilst showing they carry little inside them.

  2. Shame on you Italy! Evolve, goddamnit!! And great respect vor Boldrini, she is a good person.

  3. i don’t understand the relevance of the last paragraph? the tone/gist of the article is that italy has no lgbt agenda. then u finish up by saying an equalities minister was what? fired? for being discriminatory/homophobic?
    that said, mucho respect for Ms Boldrini.

  4. There is no gay gene just as there is no paedo gene. Do paedophiles claim that their attractions are normal and moral because they were born that way?
    Deviant immoral, attractions must be controlled, not validated. Most paedophiles never go on to abuse as they know that being born that way is not a valid claim.

    1. Midnighter 27 May 2013, 2:22pm

      Nor is there a moron gene, but in spite of that lack here you are again; conflating away like any other bigot without the capacity for rational thought.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 May 2013, 2:38pm

      Don’t forget to mention the deviant, immoral attractions such as uniquely hetero anti-marriage adultery some of them bible-thumping bigots, philandering, soliciting female prostitutes, hetero sex slave trafficking and hetero paedophiles having sex with underage girls.

      1. Do you not know that the most promiscuous demographic in society is the homosexual? Indeed, in the UK and Us, male homosexuals are 100 times more likely to be AIDS plagued than hetero=normals. Add to this the homosexual infestation of our public toilets for the purposes of cottaging and the tranny insistence on using opposite gender toilets. You get my drift?
        Now we have the gender dysphoric mental cases insisting on being able to use locker rooms of the opposite sex without being questioned. Do you think that a anyone wearing a skirt should be able to get access to girls changing rooms where there are innocent vulnerable little girls? Of course you do as the have the deviant chip installed in your head!

      2. pederasty and pedophilia are disproportionately connected to homosexuality. There is a huge body of evidence to support this, and we all know that the child abuse carried out in the church is almost always male on male.

        1. Midnighter 27 May 2013, 3:25pm

          Not true, and nor is there a “huge body of evidence” ; on the scientific consensus is that the gender of the child is often not related to the gender preference of the abuser, and indeed if you were genuinely interested in facts this article from Harvard Medical School as an easy precis for you.

          From which I quote:

          “Homosexual adults are no more likely than heterosexuals to abuse children.”

          But if you have some pursuasive evidence from this fictional “huge body” feel free to provide something if you can show that it has any peer support outside of the Narth / FRC pseudo-scientists.

          1. Why do you even come on this site Keith??!!?? What are you hoping to accomplish? The kind of people who might be inspired by your vile, ignorant and plainly absurd rhetoric are not going to be found on here.

            Know your audience!!

    3. CanadianChris 27 May 2013, 3:38pm

      There doesn’t have to be a gay gene in order for gay people to be born that way. Piss off already.

      ^ This video is somewhat relevant to Keith’s comment.

      1. Keith, what really speaks volumes about the kind of awful person you are is that even after reading an article about a Young Person’s cry for help at the possible cost of their own life, you still have absolutely no heart or compassion towards them. Nothing more needs to be said about the kind of person you are.

    5. Keith has been let out on day release again!

  5. And many of the comments made in the thread following this article in the Independent are hateful and homophobic.

    The Independent seems to attract some very right-wing readers.

    Please go to the thread and hammer some of the idiots there.

  6. She did well. Considering that Puerto Rico has anti discrimination laws, Italy is lagging very far behind.

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