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Gay footballer Robbie Rogers cleared to return to play in the US

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  1. torylovers 27 May 2013, 7:04am

    whats the point of posting on this cut and paste site when every comment is deleted.

    1. You’re probably viewing a cached page, which will make it look like your comment has disappeared. Just refresh your browser (F5).

    2. “every comment is deleted”

      Evidently false.

      Some comments are filtered if you swear. If you correctly suspect a consipracy, you’ll probably have to go elsewhere to express it ;-)

      ” this cut and paste site ”
      Not clear what you mean by this comment. The author of each aritcle is attributed at the top of each piece. If you see articles with simiilar copy elsewhere then perhaps you are unaware that syndication of news sources is commonplace in the industry; companies like Reuters exist to sell on their stories, and it is quite common for their boilerplate to be reused unedited or barely edited. Indeed, the origin of the term boilerplate lays in the practice of mass distribution of articles to presses by stamped rather than typeset copy.

      Have a nice day :P

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