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Lesbian drama takes top prize at Cannes film festival

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Reader comments

  1. I am looking forward to watching this film. Is there a UK release date?

  2. so what’s main plot of the movie? all I got from this reporting was the “unprecedented” lesbian sex scenes which is kinda demeaning to the film-makers, imho.

  3. there is hope for my film MLL then

  4. Well done for award but I don’t like the cheap sell on basis of graphic sex. Is there a story that matters or just flashing flesh? It is drama not porn after all. Firstly we are humans and then … well what ever you declare you are. Some respect please.

    1. What about the films where the lines blur? Like with Shortbus? I mean, the graphic sex was a selling point, but in the grand scheme of things, it was a film about community xx

  5. I’m looking forward to this a lot. Yes, the sex is always mentioned but, ignoring that, the film sounds interesting and has had good reviews. For those who want some information on the story, try here:

  6. People go on and on about this “lesbian” film when the “lesbian” aspect is actually minor. It’s dangerous to lump films and musicians in a “gay” catagory

    Plus, I think it’s sad how a film like this wins a prestiged award but shows like Modern Family still won’t show 2 men kissing even a lil bit. It sends a strong message, a message that I have been recieving all my life. A cruel double standard

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