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UK: Man jailed for attack on lesbian couple in Hartlepool takeaway

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Reader comments

  1. Techiechick 25 May 2013, 12:49pm

    Common assault? that is just a slap,he split her lip and knocked her tooth out should have been ABH (Assault occasioning actual bodily harm)

  2. Midnighter 25 May 2013, 2:09pm

    Given his past history, this seems like an individual who will only continue to reoffend on his release.

    There is an article in the Times today about a up and coming technique to scan offenders, which can identify brain structures and has been shown to accurately predict characteristcs like a propensity to violence and reoffending.

    I think society needs more from the legal system in such cases; if we can back statistical predictions of reoffending with individually tailored scientific results of the same, should we not be looking at longer term treatment / confinement solutions for such sociopaths?

    1. ….sounds like a good sci-fi movie.

      1. Midnighter 25 May 2013, 8:13pm

        … sounds like the beginnings of a Frankenstein complex ;-)

        But yes, I know where you are coming from there. It reminded me of Minority Report in some respects, with some equivalent moral issues to consider, thats for sure.

  3. What a vile coward. Having almost been the victim of an unprovoked homophobic and transphobic fifteen-strong gang assault (lucky for me I managed to get away) my sympathies go out to this couple who were targeted by this excuse for a man as they simply minded their own business. Now, let’s see if he feels like proving what a tough ‘man’ he is whilst in prison, eh?

  4. How does the fact he was off his face make it better? If somebody is drunk and violent, that means they are not somebody we want walking our streets.

  5. GingerlyColors 27 May 2013, 4:13pm

    They so do to him what they did to that monkey during the Napoleonic Wars.

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