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Russia: 30 arrests made at Moscow Pride

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Reader comments

  1. If the LGBT world got together and became as organised as the Jewish State for example, we could defend ourselves and be respected. We do not need to ask others for the rights that are ours by birth. Lets get organised. LGBT people GET OFF YOUR KNEES!

    1. Lion in Winter 25 May 2013, 10:39pm

      Which island in the South Pacific do you suggest we take over? Of course, to follow Israel’s example, we would have to partition its current inhabitants and create an apartheid society.

      1. Try looking up the word analogy !

      2. What I think John might be referring to is the hands-on approach of Israel towards those attacking it. They have NEVER hesitated to put muscle behind their words. Unfortunately, as a community we are rather spineless on that front, and our enemies know it too well. When we are called “sissies”, as derogatory and insulting as the term is, it is SPOT ON. We never fight back. We complain, we march and we moan. Some real physical muscle behind our gesticulating would / might deter some from attacking us. But then again the LGBT community is too busy shopping, clubbing, dining, travelling and bitching. We ought to be using more warning and threatening language and back it with muscle when necessary. Controversial, I know, but necessary if we ever are to be taken seriously and deter the bullies.

        1. You mean turn into the intolerant thugs that make things so bad for the rest of us?

          No thank you.

    2. Colin (London) 26 May 2013, 12:24am

      Your principle is absolutely right Sir.

      Until we stop moaning and get active as our USA cousins do showing the world, our talent, our support to them, how we run businesses, are in every part of their community then others will be able to point fingers and use the get out card to pull us down. (The god card..!)

      This is about forming groups with opinions that are inclusive of all society but with the gay bias. We must get involved in Politics, medicine, business openly crossing borders supporting our brothers and sisters in other countries and being seen to be productive, positive, solution seeking people that we already are.

      Just like all communities we too have our numpties and more often than not they get the headlines. Promotion of the good we do will go a long way to equality around the world.

  2. Would be a good idea to put pressure on Russia by suggesting the World Cup 2018 be held elsewhere.

    1. And the Winter Olympics in Sochi -2014. The home of Putins summer dacha.

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 26 May 2013, 12:00am

    NOW is the time to fight against the religious and political fascism in Russia. ( Agree with you John ! ) Today- not tomorrow. Join me, friends ! Send protests to Russian embassies.

  4. Viewed some footage on the news last night what brave people these LGBT are? They faced people who were a disgrace to the human race.

    Oh Pink NEws please sort out the web page it moving all over the place

  5. Sadly, it looks like the pogroms never really went away in Russia – it’s just that the victims change. The Russian state seems to be treating its early 21st century LGBT population rather like it treated its Jewish population 100 years’ ago. The authorities such as the police who should be protecting citizens and maintaining stability, seem at abest to either be looking the other way when outbreaks of homophobic violence and hate crime occur or at worst colluding with it.

  6. And, of course, the police seem to be cracking down ten times harder on supporters of LGBT rights than the violent opponents who are attacking them. Corruption amongst police, sleazy government officials and the insanity of the mainstream church and fascist hangers on go part of the way to explain why incorruptible crime fighting superheroes are always such a popular fantasy.

  7. If only the deviants would obey the law of the land just as they expect hotel owners to do!

    1. By deviants, do you mean the church or the police? Nobody else in the story seems to be breaking any law. I see your frustration when those in the seat of power act so irresponsible with the people in their care.

    2. When you say “if only the deviants would obey the law of the land”, are you referring to the Russian government who have consistently ignored the European Court of Human Rights when they said that any bans on pride events were a breach of the very convention that Russia is a signatory of?

  8. MerlynHerne 27 May 2013, 5:52am

    Thought you might want to see the “brave” Orthodox morals squad who attacked at the protest. The one in the middle with the cross is a priest…but too chicken to wear his cassock.

  9. Jack and Jack bummers 27 May 2013, 10:30am

    The UK is also a signatory yet they breach the rights of Hotel owners with their discriminatory anti religious laws. Under the EHRC, freedom of religion and it’s expression is protected, which includes hotel owners.
    See your hypocrisy and bias?

    1. If your religion tells you to treat people badly, it should not be protected, it should be made illegal! Religion is supposed to be for self-improvement, guidance and self-control. Your human rights should not harm another person.

      1. You are either for the rule of law or not. If you are for the rule of law, then you must accept that the EHRC protects religious expression. As for harming other people, the homo brigade will always take offence at being labelled immoral and eing restricted in their immoral activities. Causing offence though is not causing harm in legal terms.

        1. You don’t even understand your own religion. We Christians live by the Spirit not by the law. Check the book of Romans. Only the nasty hatefilled busibodies call Gay people immoral. Those people who truely understand the gospel do not. I will pray for you brother that your soul does get comsumed by the danger to which you are exposing it.

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