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Former Leeds player Robbie Rogers slated to return as first openly gay footballer

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent news, well done Robbie !

    The tide is turning. Every other week it seems that another country or US state allows Equal Marriage, and we’ll soon see gay sportspeople start to come out the same way.

    Now that we have the first role models, it will make it easier for others to follow suit.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly.

      This is incredibly significant for the US and the UK desparately needs more of this too, so this is great news for us too. We’ve had the occasional out-while-playing UK sportsman in the past; Justin Fashanu should never be forgotten, nor for that matter should the contribution of gay sportswomen.

      In spite of the dearth of equalities legislation protecting the LGBT community in the US, I’m hopeful In this internet age the conservative media is less able to hide (or omit) their stories, and perhaps more importantly its negative spin can be more easily and openly challenged.

      Thanks for your courage Robbie.

    2. jac roland 25 May 2013, 4:47pm

      Good on you, Robbie!

  2. Great news, good for him!
    Another milestone for the LGBT equality movement.

    The times they are a-changin…

  3. all this equality is happening so fast, me heads spinning. Quick a cushion for my feet!

  4. Anton Hysen is also openly gay and plays in Sweden.

  5. Oh !, did you forget about Brittney Griner the WNBA star, or doesn’t it count because she happens to be a woman ?

    For the record she came out in April and was the first major league player to come out.

    1. She doesn’t play football/soccer. She plays basketball. I don’t get why your’re having a hissy fit? What’s your point?

  6. BUT- Robbie played for Leeds and Stevenage. These are UK soccer teams- BUT- can only continue with his career in the USA.

    That speaks volumes, don’t you think?????

    WHEN is UK football going to catch up with the rest of the world?????????

    1. No because he needs a permit to play over in the UK because he does not hold a European passport. When he first signed for Leeds he had his permit rejected because he did play enough international games for the US. Ken Bates, Simon Grayson (Leeds, chairman & manager) had to appear before a special cases committee, the only thing that swung it in favour for Leeds was that Jurgen Klinsmann made an appearance and supported him saying he would of been picked if he was not injured and that he had X amount of international games before hand. When he was at Leeds due to injury he did not play many games what so ever he never completed 90 mins. Warnock the new Leeds manager sent him out on loan to Stevenage and again only played limited games due to injury. Leeds cancelled his contract which means if he wanted to play again in the UK he would have to apply for new visa and permit which he would not get this time round because he has not played enough games internationally or domestically

    2. Measured response pal please. Don´t take this as an opportunity to knock the UK – we are streets ahead of the rest of the world in most issues to do with being gay – outsside of the big cities being gay in the States is almost impossible and you can still be fired in many states for being gay. Slowly but surely there will be a gay footballer here, we´ve come a long way so let´s not be so critical of the steps we have made not only in football but in society in general.

  7. I am really proud of Robbie he is setting an example to all the male pro athletes he came out in his career while he is still young. This is huge, for men sports to have a young man who is a talented soccer player being openly gay and proud. Well done Robbie! Hopefully Robbie’s coming out can inspire other gay men in football to come out too!

  8. Hopefully, sports will soon be like Hollywood – a few minor (not that Robbie isn’t an excellent athlete) open people here and there. Then before you know it, a Zachary Quinto, or a NPH are out/open and excelling. Still a few years away from being gay/str8 is a non-issue. But we are well on the way.

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