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US Pastor: Why I support Jason Collins’ decision to come out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. This one DOES actually follow the teachings of Christ. Most excellent writ.

  2. I’m impressed with Pastor Dave Thompson! He actually has done his research and backs his facts up. He seems to be trying to walk in the foot steps of his God and not be hypocritical, unless the majority of Christians and pastors.

  3. Thank heaven! A Christian minister who is actually Christ like.

  4. I truly admire this man’s debating style. It exudes love and calm reason.

  5. As a Christian pastor I can identify with Dave Thompson’s concerns, observations and experience.

    Sometimes I feel I am walking a tightrope: some gay friends are suspicious because I strongly believe God’s intention is for hetero union; some Christian friends are suspicious because I say many of the things Pastor Dave is saying (a couple of weeks back I was expelled from a Christian group because I said you can be gay and Christian).

    I would say to PN readers, don’t give up on the Christians – often what you haven’t seen is the authentic love of God in the context of speaking and living truth.

    1. I haven’t John. I am an atheist-agnostic, not just out of opposition and disagreement to the Abrahamic moral teachings as most people but solely on my philosophical and epistemological convictions and wonderings. But I would rather see the Christianity reforming and enlightening itself than disappearing comnpletely from the face of Earth. This world already has too much intolerance, hostility and arrogance and I don’t want to get caught in the flow. In my opinion Jesus Christ was indeed one of the most enlightened and noblest human beings to have ever existed in the history of mankind, along with such other men as Socrates and Gautama Buddha. The world needs more people like Pastor Dave Thompson.

  6. See ? Now, this is a real Christian !!

  7. Tom Brantner 12 Jul 2013, 5:21pm

    So, if I have a need to see blood, I should be allowed to kill others because the need within me must be satisfied. Or is it also possible for me to have a God-given desire to have sex with children?? I believe your arguments are a slippery slope of deception. You twist the truth and lead people away from the grace of God that teaches us to say no to ungodliness.

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