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Petition urges Google search engine results to stop automatically linking ‘gayest’ with ‘worst’

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Kay 24 May 2013, 1:40pm

    Signed and shared on Facebook

  2. Andrew Hill 24 May 2013, 3:58pm

    This isn’t the way Google works. Google’s algorithms are based on how people associate words online.

    The problem is with people, not Google.

    1. Midnighter 24 May 2013, 5:33pm

      Can we not aspire to change people’s usage? To those who always retort that this is what the word now means and “language evolves, deal with it” my response is simple: if it can change once, it can change again.

      If there is a technical hurdle to overcome, I’m confident a change in the weightings of those words is not beyond the technical folk at Google.

  3. Doesn’t offend me. Grow a pair, FFS.

    1. Midnighter 24 May 2013, 9:38pm

      Sure, because thats how “offence” works, isn’t it Dennis? “Get over it”, “Deal with it”, “Grow a pair”. Always makes the other person calm right down and feel better about things so you can discuss it rationally. You can just stroll into Peggy Sue’s diner down Alabama way, call her clients a bunch of brother-humping bible-thumping rednecks, and walk out whistling, so long as you remember to say “Get over it” before you walk out. Amirite?

      Great, you aren’t offended. Maybe you’ve had different experiences, or more time to heal from them. Offence isn’t logical, its emotional.

      This is about politeness; a little bit of social fakery to accomodate someones feelings (even if you think they are silly). If a person can’t be bothered to be polite, it implies a lack of respect or empathy for other people. It may seem trivial to you because you are confident in yourself, but In some parts of town a lack of politeness will shorten one’s life span. It matters.

  4. Sam Maloney 25 May 2013, 8:50pm

    To what degree to Google’s algorithms track usage, and to what degree to they shape them?

    Simply disassociating ‘gayest’ and ‘worst’ or even ‘gay’ and ‘bad’ in their database won’t in any way limit people’s access to information, it will just make them refine their search terms to find what they are looking for– I don’t understand Google’s reluctance here.

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