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Boy Scouts of America: We will not ‘not sacrifice our mission’ over gay members

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Reader comments

  1. What a pathetic statement. They couldn’t bring themselves to apologise to the kids they’ve kicked out? Or to unequivocally state that children of all sexual orientations are equally valid? It is not (or shouldn’t be) a divisive issue that so many gay kids feel depressed or even suicidal. The BSA is still shirking its responibility on this and failing gay kids

  2. This essentially says we’re allowing the gay kids in because the issue became high profile but we are doing it begrudgingly. They probably think a bit of camping (ironically) will straighten them out.

  3. Julian Morrison 24 May 2013, 1:38am

    They want to put the issue to bed and get on with being good little bigots. Not gonna happen. Press harder. Even this half measure will drive out flocks of homophobes, and tip the voting our way.

  4. Why the f**k does it take to 7 months to implement and communicate the decision! Do they seriously think there’s going to be a massive influx of gay scouts on the 1st Jan 2014! It’s unbelievable. I don’t think they’ll get many sponsors returning given the ban on leaders is still in place.

  5. So??? As I understand their statement – a kid can be a scout; can be an eagle scout; can come all the way through scouting and be fantastic and then the minute he becomes 18, he has to get the hell out and not even volunteer his expertise or enthusiasm to help younger kids because he’s not an adult “faggot” and therefore untrustworthy. Yup! I got it.

    1. now – not not. ;-)

  6. Still no acceptance for atheist however at all

  7. USA the land of the free well if you are straight,white and believe in a fictitious figure called god! If you are gay in the states and young you don’t really have a chance of any support outside major cities. Wake up USA and except people are gay,lesbian,bi and straight.

  8. In ohter words, to an extent they admi that they dont want to be the BSA- Bigot scouts.

    tiem to keep the pressure up on gay adults also. Remember a majory of troops are sponsored by conservative churches, so winning this battle goes much futther into the future.

    Its just another way to break the closet.

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