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Florida: Lesbian teen expelled from school and charged over same-sex relationship

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Reader comments

  1. This 18yr old was not charged for being in a same sex relationship. She was charged with having sex with a minor.

    1. So on the day before her 18th birthday she was perfectly fine, but on the day she became an 18 year old she becomes a criminal?



      1. You can disagree with the age of consent but this case has nothing to do with sexual orientation. The cut off has to be drawn somewhere and members of heterosexual relationships have been persecuated just the same. Some of the comments on here are bizarre. This isn’t a gay rights issue, this is an age of consent issue.

  2. What’s with the gushing sympathy?

    We are talking about an 18 year old with a seemingly long history of statutory rape.

    1. Midnighter 23 May 2013, 8:06pm

      I beg to differ. There is no mention of other relationships and this one lated well under a year if you do a little research. Hardly a ‘long history’.

      1. Midnighter 23 May 2013, 8:06pm


    2. She was 17 when the relationship began. Her girlfriend was 15. That was fully legal and perfectly fine.

      Her girlfriend’s mother reported her to the police on her 18th birthday.

      A 1 day history of statutory ‘rape’ I think you mean,

      1. The arrest report says Kaitlyn turned 18 in August last year. The relationship started in November. The younger girls mother asked Kaitlyn twice to break it off. In January this year Kaitlyn assisted the younger girl in running away, took her to her own home and had sexual relations with her. The police were called and she was arrested in February this year. There was never a time during this relationship when both girls were minors. The information in the police report was given by both girls during interviews.

    3. I’ve read something else that said that the relationship didn’t start until after Kate turned 18, and that the other girl was 14 at time and is now 15. However, I still think it’s a dreadful prosecution.

  3. It is a difficult situation.

    In the eyes of the law, she has committed an offence but considering the ages involved (the girl was 14 and Kaitlyn 17), the charges seem unreasonable. I don’t know enough about the case to say that there wasn’t any coercion or power imbalance to justify the charges. But it seems likely that if Kaitlyn was an 18 year old boy, the parents wouldn’t have contacted the police.

    Consent laws are there to protect minors from predatory adults, but there needs to be an understanding that when dealing with teenagers of close ages, concessions need to be made and a full assessment of the situation.

    1. Midnighter 23 May 2013, 8:10pm

      There usually is leeway in practice, even in the States as I understand it. In the UK such cases (where one partner is under 16 and the other is not very much over 18) are rarely prosecuted where the relationship is consensual. In Canada they have a very much clearer legislative approach involving the age gaps of the couple.

    2. They were actually 15-17 when the relationship began. Then Kate turned 18.

      1. no, they were 14 and 17.

  4. From what this article says, It appears that she was in a relationship with someone of about the same age as herself. And her girlfriend’s mother, being a grade-A bitch, decided to accuse her as an adult the very moment she turned 18.
    One of the charges refers to conduct towards a 16 year old. An 18 year old having a relationship with a 16 year old is not, by default, sexual abuse or pedophilia.

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 May 2013, 8:40pm

    The sick side of the USA-

  6. The UGLY face of America’s bigotry. And of justice officials who use people’s lives to further their careers. These people still live in the dark ages…

    1. Well said. The more ugly when they do so with such young and vulnerable people too. They have no recognisable concept of morality or honour.

  7. Hang on…did everyone miss the second last paragraph…what a bitch.

    1. Why? Again, you can hardly make a snap judgement of the situation – perhaps the girl was in distress, hence her notifying the authorities?

      1. No, she is a bitch! No other way to put it…

  8. Several inadmissible circumstances in this case make it unfortunate for the girls involved.

    Although it would appear that the girls wanted this relationship and that is unlikely to change, very clearly it appears the mother did not! She clearly prepared for the day the older girl turned 18, and has found an ally in the prosecutor who would consider lesser charges but not drop them completely.

    Is the mother so concerned about her daughter being misguided or influenced, or is she in denial or opposed to her daughters actual sexuality and consequently and intentionally causing grief for these two girls? I can’t see this mother becoming a proud P FLAG parent in the foreseeable future… very sad situation!

  9. MerlynHerne 24 May 2013, 3:36am

    I question WHY the younger girl’s parents waited until the older girl was 18. I smell something rotten here…as if they were just WAITING to get the older girl in trouble.

  10. I’ve been rereading the second last paragraph.

    So, after all this happened to her, she turned in another girl in a similar situation? Is that what happened? I’m not sure. No offense intended to the writer of this article, but I thought that paragraph was poorly written.

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