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Czech Republic

Czech president makes U-turn and grudgingly honours gay academic with title

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Kay 22 May 2013, 6:28pm

    The Czech president is just a drunken idiot. No one in the Czech Republic takes him seriously. Most of the time he’s so pissed he doesn’t even know what day of the week it is.

    1. Christopher Kay 22 May 2013, 6:29pm

      Věřte mi! Bydlel jsem tam!

    2. Great videos. Such is the quality of our opposition.

    3. Christopher Kay 23 May 2013, 12:00am

      I forgot to mention that he’s just about as useful as the Pope’s bollocks.

  2. What a pathetic little man.

  3. I am guessing the Martin Putna is relieved that the Education Minister will bestow the title – at least he won’t be drunk. It amazes me how dinosaurs like Zeman get to be Presidents. Oh yeah, the ‘boys club’.

  4. Who votes for such a pathetic President? Sadly, there are bogans in every country!

  5. This president was directly elected by the Czech people – how did that happen? He has a record of disgraceful behaviour. I wonder if his liver will hold out for the term of his Presidency.

    1. Are you serious? Elected by the people? You mean like Putin is elected by the people? You mean like Mugabee is elected by the people? Hahaha. Do me favour ….

      1. Christopher Kay 23 May 2013, 2:53pm

        No, surprisingly he was legitimately voted in. The Czech Republic is an EU Member State. NONE of my friends voted for him, in fact I don’t know anyone who did. But there you go. He’s in.

  6. … was he sober long enough …?

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