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UKIP Councillor: ‘Most gays are heterophobic’, and ‘have no rights to marry in church’

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Reader comments

  1. Brett Gibson 21 May 2013, 5:12pm

    I will never understand how people like him, who have completed a degree at university, can be stupid on such a colossal scale.

    1. GulliverUK 21 May 2013, 5:35pm

      parts of the brain can dissolve with the application of alcohol, and don’t grow back. This normally affects the “reasoning” centres of the brain.

      You’re welcome ! :D

      1. That means my brain must be frazzled then, yet somehow I don’t see myself turning into an intolerant twat even though I drank like a fish at university.

        The thought of me morphing into Bernard Manning as time goes by is a frightening thought.

      2. Christopher Coleman 21 May 2013, 6:16pm

        I thought pickling in alcohol preserves things. I drink a lot, but am capable of serious reasoning. The fact that most people disagree with me simply proves my point.

        1. Dave North 21 May 2013, 9:10pm

          I’ve drank like a fish since I was 16, almost 43 years ago until now.

          I have suffered homophobic abuse most of my life, but yet I hold down a good job as an IT consultant and so far have felt no need to blow my brains out at the first thing that upsets me.

          My liver function tests always come back as normal.

          I agree, we gay people have no right to marry in church, however this imbecile believes that their church is the only church. As these religious idiots always do.

          Given I call my aged old heterosexual mother every 3 days
          and visit her 3 times a year, “South Wales to Scotland” I am pretty sure I’m not “heterophobic”, a word made up by these bastards to try to skew their own bigotry on to their victims.

          1. Well loving your mother is pretty expected but how many other straights do you converse with and how dare you call us bastards just for being straight and following our chosen religions with the passionate devotion expected from us.
            I don’t suppose you have ever read the whole bible and are accusing us of harmful intentions again like you stupid insecure gays always do!!!
            If you have ever read the Holy Bible you would know that the messiah in the Qu’ran has notable characteristics of the biblical anti-christ hence explaining why he naturally thinks so highly of christianity as it seems the most logical thing to do when you can see how women are being treated by islamic extremists and in islamic countries surely you couldn’t turn a blind eye when a woman is being stoned to death just for having sex with the love of her love out in the open for everyone to see.

    2. sexyconfidentwoman 30 Sep 2013, 6:37pm

      Are you gay?

  2. I’m not heterophobic. I mean, I even have some heterosexual friends.

    Even my parents are heterosexual :o

    1. Are you really, really sure about your parents? Have they told you? Prove it – as per the border agency rules?


    2. SexyConfidentWoman 30 Sep 2013, 7:05pm

      So what??
      Gays are out numbered by straights the reverse logic would mean that you think straights are homophobes if they don’t have any gay friends there are not enough gays around for all of us straights to be friends with.
      Also just because someone has a friend from a different race does not automatically mean they are completely free from racist stereotyping e.g. If a white man was to have sex with another race does not mean he still can’t be racist.
      After all there could be racist men that sometimes just want sex with another race as a form of privilege over that race and sex is just sex for certain types of men.
      Also I’m not racist or sexist but that doesn’t make me popular some people are pretty darn loners even though they are kind, caring and thoughtful.

  3. I am so frightened of them that I am in a long-term relationship with one. Always keep your enemies close to you.

  4. That There Other David 21 May 2013, 5:30pm

    What a complete idiot. UKIP are so heading for a fall.

  5. I’ve got to admit, I don’t go out to straight pubs alone here in Australia for fear of being spotted as a ‘poofter’ and becoming a target in the national sport of ‘poofter bashing’.
    But then, I live in a pretty rough area of Sydney.
    I’m not afraid of heterosexuals though, just idiots like Jesson.

  6. “No right to marry in church” Where are the petitions and comments regarding the many many couples who live together,(gay/straight) they are technically guilty of fornication? where are the petitions and protests about adulterous divorcees not only being allowed to remarry as often as they want but often receiving a religious blessing?
    Fornication, adultery and divorce are condemned frequently in the new testatment but no one seems to be protesting about them?

    This sort of cheery picking is so laughably blatant that you would think that no one with any sense of irony would resort to it.

    Earlier in this debate we to endure the spectacle of adulterers condemning SSM on religious grounds? Talk about ignoring elephants in the living room. And know we have this guy who like many others apparently knows what god thinks.

  7. He’s clearly a moron, and an extremist bigot.

    He’s right when he says that gays have no ‘right’ to marry in a church.

    In the exact same manner as no straight person has a ‘right’ to marry in a church.

    The cult is free to decide who it marries eg if you’re a straight, divorced catholic, it’s probably best to avoid the catholic cult if you want to remarry.

    Which is why civil marriage equality is what we are looking for. Civil marriage has nothing to do with religious cults.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 May 2013, 10:00pm

      Gays have no right to marry in church? Are you for real? The Quakers, Unitarian, Liberal Judaism all want to participate in celebrating our marriages in their buildings. Why should they be prevented. Religious freedom works both ways.

      1. Straight divorced catholics have no ‘right’ to remarry in a catholic church.

        Just as gay couples have no ‘right to marry in a catholic church or a mosque or a CofE church or an orthodox synagogue. .

        A same sex couple’s ability to marry in a church is 100% dependent on their church ALLOWING them to marry if they wish – this includes the Quakers, Unitarians, Liberal Judaism

        Special exemptions exist from equality legislation for religious cults that do not apply to other organisations.

        Sure if some of these tiny gay-friendly churches want to offer same sex marriage, then good for them – but even then it is not a matter of rights.

        Same sex couples should have the same rights in accessing civil marriage as opposite sex couples.

        This has nothing to do with religion though.

        1. Yeah but some gays will make it about religion and claim discrimination because they just don’t like churches not marrying them. You point out correctly that divorced catholics cant marry in a catholic church. Yet divorced catholic are not claiming discrimination because they understand doctrine is a matter of freedom and the conscience and beliefs of people who interpret doctrine such as clergy but in a more general sense this could be a political party firing somone for being too left or right wing in a supposdely conservative/socialist party, yet the people fired for such reason dont claim discremination yet a tiny minority of gay people claim discremination because those churches believe marriage is between one man and one women, even though that doesn’t affect gays right to “marry” in a civil registry office. If we selectively remove the rights of religions to allow or not allow same sex “marriage” then we are a selectively free society, freedom is either for all spheres of belief

  8. Personally, I don’t understand why any gay person would WANT the ‘belssing’ of an organisation which incites hatred against them. To me, anyone gay supporting (most) religion is like a Jewish person joining the Nazi party. I think the world would be an infinitely kinder and nicer place without religion and its controlling individuals attempting to dictate how the rest of us behave. These people are control freaks and should have learned by now that we are sick and tired of their divisive and discriminatory organisation.

    1. There are many religions which actively encourage same sex relationships and welcome the bill currently passing through parliament.

      Even within the major denominations of monotheistic world religions which officially oppose open homosexuality there are many decent people (both gay and straight) working to change the teachings/policies of their faith.

      It may perhaps be the case that the world would be a better place without religion, but the fact remains, that is not our reality. Of course people should be respectfully challenged if their teachings/actions infringe on the rights of others. But people of faith deserve just as much respect as those without.

      For every extreme religious zealot there are many perfectly reasonable people who just happen to believe in something you (and I) do not. The fact that that is their right is one of the things I (and I suspect many others) love about this country.

      (I do hope that one day we disestablish the CofE forming a secular state)

  9. His views are what UKIP believe. Why would anyone be shocked? And some gay men voted for UKIP in the local elections. Idiots.

  10. I just LOVE it when extreme right-wingers end up defending gay people just to oppose muslims, as if they really cared about gay people.

    The truth is that they hate ‘those foreign muslims’ more than they hate ‘the gays’, but make no mistake, they still hate gay people too.

  11. I’m not heterophobic! I hate everyone equally!

    1. Alright, but the question that really matters is: is you Hetrophobic ?

  12. But UKIP is totally not homophobic, honest, Uh-huh

    1. They are probably Homphobic. They are very anti Gay and anti women, like the Moslims. :-D

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 21 May 2013, 10:02pm

    Farage will of course remain silent. I hope he does because it will strengthen the argument that the UKIP are a bunch of homophobic, racist xenophobic bigots.

  14. If these fascist cun7s get into power, I am leaving the UK.

  15. Good, most of us are have no interest in marrying in church anyway. Some people still haven’t left the Middle Ages and don’t know yet the meaning of civil marriage and civil society.

  16. ukip, home of little englanders

  17. friday jones 21 May 2013, 10:44pm

    I’m haterophobic.

  18. Puts me in mind of comments made in Germany in the 1930’s and by Hitler’s National Socialists-only then they were referring to Jews.

    That should be a lesson from history for us all- theres no guarantee that it couldn’t happen again-whether it be jews, gay people, dark-skinned people, serbs, croats—–in fact-anybody.

    Ignore at your peril!!!

  19. Mark van Fistenberg 22 May 2013, 8:30am

    The one and only thing that would enarly make me ‘churchphobic’ would be the way the church discriminates against homosexuals while blaming their bad attitude on ‘religion’

    1. See this is just wrong headeness, if a particular church doesnt want to mary gay people because it is its religious beliefs then it should be able to have freedom not to, so much for people claiming we shouldn’t force our views on other people, except my views of course if they are humanist, right?. As long as some place like a civil registry offers marriage services where’s the discrimination? Saying their not allowed to hold to their doctrines as doing so is “discrimination”, is like saying an arbitoir is discriminating against vegans for firing them because they refused to do any work for them based on their veganism. Or saying A conservative party discriminated against someone because the person started making socialist economic speechs. All these are cases of doctrines exercising exclusivity and each much be considered equally valid as all these doctrines are made by men (the species not the gender).

  20. I can only judge his comments by those given in this article and I see nothing wrong with them.

    1. Gays DON’T have any rights to be married in church. Legally, this is true. And for many millions who practice Christianity, this is also true. It says in the Bible that it is a sin for a man to lie with another man.

    2. I am an atheist. Whilst, I do not believe in the man in the sky, I recognise the right of others to do so. Whilst on the one hand, equality for gays is great, it must be balanced against the right of freedom of expression, freedom of worship and religion.

    People must have the right to say “I don’t think gays should get married in church” or even “being gay is evil” – because you have the right to say “I think you’re a bigoted throwback to the Middle Ages”.

    The fact is the church comment is true in many ways. To suggest gays are heterophobic is not homophobic either. Homophobic means a hatred of gays, not constructing intriguing stereotypes.

    1. SexyConfidentWoman 30 Sep 2013, 6:36pm

      I agree with you I think it is cruel for people just to call someone homophobic just for saying their views and beliefs on homosexuality the word homophobic is used as an insult to straights if we say anything they don’t agree with.
      If gays truly want to be treated equally to straights then they should understand that it is not fair to push others to accept them us straights don’t go around expecting others to accept everything about us why do gays think everyone else should accept them completely. They want to be treated better then straights it sounds like hitlerism who thought there was supremacy in homosexuality.
      There is no responsibility in practicing homosexuality they can have sex without getting pregnant so its sex without responsibility and thought to the consequences.
      I refuse to be naive and disbelieve that gays are innocent they are human beings and are capable of hurting others as much as the next person.

    2. great comment. Although i dont think its a right to say one is bigoted for the first thing u said, but saying “gay is evil” on the other hand yes. Because if its bigoted for churches to not marry gays its “biggoted” for conservative party to not admit socialists, all is based on doctrine made by man and should be treated similarly.

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