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Coalition deal with Labour on straight civil partnerships keeps same-sex marriage bill on track

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, Government and Opposition.

    1. Agreed! progress finally! too bad not every one see’s it that way.

      1. But that was Nick Robinson, not the most impartial political commentator.

  2. All 3 major parties coming together for equality…

    I don’t want to go over the top and say that this has restored my faith in politics, but it definitely has made me a tiny bit more hopeful about British politics.

  3. Poor scaremongering Sir Gerald Howard, so full of non-specified fears about the aggressive homosexual community.

  4. Pass the bill – then the homophobic but gay cardinal obrien can marry his boyfriend. Glad he got outed.

    Progress. Soon the only western European counry of any significance without marriage will be germany and of ocourse Italy

    75% of hte rish people support marriage. It prob will happen this year

    And hopefully God will make the vatican discover that the extinct volcano it sits on isnt extinct

  5. Let’s hope Peter Tatchell butts out of the debate in the Lords. He nearly wrecked the bill this time, he better not try again.

    1. Jacob Dugan-Brause 21 May 2013, 7:16am

      Unfortunately, he is a prophet and they don’t do politics. Move along.

      1. Unfortunately he thinks he does.

        1. Jacob Dugan-Brause 21 May 2013, 8:09am


  6. Within minutes of the vote on the wrecking amendment a crowing email from Stonewall (asking for money, of course) popped into my inbox, implying that the progress on the bill was all down to them.

    Now I know a good many of us managed to get them to stop campaigning AGAINST marriage equality, but I missed the bit about them jumping into the driving seat on this issue.

    Summerskill, you may now be on the bus, but you are most definitely in the back seats.

  7. Jacob Dugan-Brause 21 May 2013, 7:13am

    In contrast, this kind of across-the-aisle, principle before politics wouldn’t happen in the American Congress now, as no Republican would EVER introduce it, let alone vote with the opposition to support it.

    Brilliant job, pols. Simply brilliant. Now to send the nation and the Lords an overwhelming ‘aye’ vote on the main question today!

  8. Jock S. Trap 21 May 2013, 8:12am

    I was very happy by the outcome of yesterdays proceedings. It certain is a massive step forward.

    As to Peter Tatchell’s comments, yes I do agree but even you must have seen that the way Tim Loughton wanted to get his Civil Partnerships amendments through was by devious and underhanded tactics to derail the marriage bill. Hardly democratic.

    How someone opposed to marriage equality can sudden make a stand for Civil Partnership smacked of hypocrisy. It was painful to watch because of the real purpose for the amendment.

    Yes Civil Partnerships should be for all but not at the expense of getting this marriage legislation through.

    I actually support the review and a future looking at Civil Partnerships whether to be opened up or indeed abolished.

    Now is the time to get Marriage Equality into law, no if’s, no buts, no sidetracking, no derailing.

  9. nothing about the antigay ukip ad then pink news?

    That’s a bit weird

  10. Full credit to labour for doing the right thing by supporting the progressives within the tory party and defeating the wrecking amendment. They could have added to Dave’s woes by abstaining but instead they did the right thing by voting down the wrecking amendment. They rescued the bill.

  11. Sir Gerald, if ever there was a non-aggressive civil rights campaign, this is it. We make our points in the public arena passionately but calmly. Good heavens, if we are aggressive how do you describe Black Power, The BNP, the IRA, PETA, the Miners, Thatcher etc? Get it in perspective.

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