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Angela Eagle: I am so proud that the Commons passed the equal marriage bill in its third reading

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Reader comments

  1. We love you to death, Angela, but this isn’t the moment for cheap political scoring – especially as it was a free vote for all parties.

    This moment is for all LGBT people, their families and their friends and supporters.

    You politicians merely did the right thing when asked.

    1. de Villiers 22 May 2013, 2:21pm

      Some politicians just cannot stop being politicians instead of being normal humans.

  2. GulliverUK 21 May 2013, 8:05pm

    I do like Angela Eagle lots, but would gently remind her that they caused all this trouble by bringing in CPs in the first place rather than facing down religious bigots at the time. Perhaps understandable, and so I’ll give you that one.

    But what you did not do at any point afterwards, all the time you were in power, was rectify the pension issues, which now looks like it will never get sorted out. This was just the most incredible disservice to gay people and I cannot any longer support the Labour party, I’m done waiting. I’ll be voting Green.

    ps. Gays in the military – Labour opposed that and were forced by ECHR to do that.

  3. Oh give the party politicking a rest Angela – today is not the day to be banging on like a dreary old party political broadcast. Cameron stuck to his guns with great conviction and the real stars of the show are Maria Miller and Margot James who were superb.

  4. Maria Miller has been brilliant throughout this, as has Cameron. However, for those who criticise Labour for not bringing in gay marriages outright, or for sorting the pensions issue, look at what they did do for us. A steady stream of increased rights and respect for LGBT people during 13 years. These things have to be done slowly, or they will be defeated. Look at Finland, a country everyone assumes is progressive with the world’s most revered equal education system. Their government rejected equal marriage recently.

    1. GulliverUK 21 May 2013, 9:50pm

      Labour knew there were issues with pensions and they nothing from 2005 to 2010 – which is almost unforgivable. They should have sorted this out before, and certainly there is no clarity about what provision will be in this bill. Will we get screwed over again? It seems so. If it doesn’t get sorted now, before this bill becomes law, then it never will do — just like it never got sorted out by Labour. The pension issue is a very serious matter – not to me personally but to very many gay couples. And what’s the point in considering yourself equal when you know that in pensions you are not.

      1. Dave North 21 May 2013, 9:54pm

        My partner and I have equal pensions in a CP.

        Perhaps you chose your employer poorly!

        He works for Tesco. I work for the MOD.

        No incompatibility with pensions here..

        1. The MOD probably can’t get away with that – they’re public, and TESCO probably did it themselves, without having to. In particular it is survivor benefits which need to be looked at carefully. What would your partner get if you died, or visa versa. Read the small print – I know nobody ever does.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 May 2013, 10:08pm

        GulliverUK, not all employers treat CPd couples the same way in the area of pensions. I agree, everyone should be treated equally. After the marriage bill becomes law, it is up to us to lobby for further changes in pensions as well as the right of humanists to perform marriages.

        1. The time is now, not once the law is passed. Liberty is trying to organise a campaign to get everyone to write to their MP.

          Once this law is passed people won’t have the appetite for another fight any time soon.

    2. Dave North 21 May 2013, 9:50pm

      I just sent her an E-Mail thanking her for this.

      I now feel like a fully paid up member of UK society, even although I know that’s not the case. But at least I have legal protection. IN LAW.

      The deed is now done. Only the “waiting for god” lot to get through in the “unelected lords” but that can be fixed.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 21 May 2013, 10:06pm

      Let’s not forget that Denmark, one of the most progressive countries in the world was the first country to ever legislate for civil unions for gay couples in 1989 saw it’s first attempt to introduce equal marriage defeated. Thankfully, it passed on the second attempt in March 2012.

  5. If most “could not care less” then why are those conservative MP’s making all that fuss?

    And if you “couldn’t care less”-why are you even bothering to respond on this site?

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