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Video: President Obama tells all-male college ‘Be the best husband to your boyfriend’

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Reader comments

  1. Ha – wonderful! Well done, Mr President.

  2. Obama said “Be the best husband you can be to your wife, BOYFRIEND, or your partner.” It was ‘boyfriend’ and not ‘husband’.

    1. Yeah but we know what he meant =]

  3. Love Obama wish more people were open minded like him

  4. Christopher in Canada 20 May 2013, 9:52pm

    He’s too good for the USA. He needs to come to Canada.

  5. This president, of course, as a head of state, will make decisions unpalatable to most but that he has to make, in his judgement , for the good of his country. But few of us had been ready for an American president expressing so clearly, so loudly and in a way that seems so heart-felt, true compassion for a community that has been – historically- and still is, on the receiving end of so much hatred. Institutionalised marginilisation, day to day abuse. We thank you for your support, and we are only too well aware you are facing a terrible enemy in your task.

  6. We were all born with many special reasons to be what we are. President Obama knows that whoever think less of him due to his origin, his background, or his race, doesn’t make him a victim of their thinking. A great, inspiring man.

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