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MPs reject legal protection for religious anti-gay equality beliefs

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Reader comments

  1. michaelandfred 20 May 2013, 8:06pm

    All right. Good news. We’re almost there.

  2. This was one of the amendments I worried would be approved.
    I’m delighted to hear otherwise.
    Your personal religious faith is just that,

    Civil liberty before religious bigotry.

  3. Can the Pink News not do a live blog or a live coverage of what is going on in Parliament tonight? I am watching it live and find many of the issues too technical to follow their significance (who is winning on this civil partnership red herring for instance)? And yet Pink is giving us tiny snippets when it could be guiding us through this vital news story step by step. We, the public, need help and news – can you help with those please!

    1. Yes, I found it confusing at first. (It was much easier watching Minnesota approve Equal Marriage, and it didn’t take them several years either).

      However, AFAIK they are all wrecking amendments, so just watch the live parliamentary feed and cheer on the Noes !

  4. This is good news.
    I am pleased that teachers will not be allowed to put their students at risk of sexual ignorance and abuse because Sky Daddy told them to.

  5. The swivel-eyed loons and religious nuts can suck on that.

    They should hold their head in shame. They make themselves look like complete fools.

  6. Wow. The House of Commons is definitely going up in my books. First they voted for the second reading with a massive 225 majority, and now they are fighting off these ridiculous amendments too.

    Excellent news.

  7. Praise the Lord.

  8. Excellent!

  9. There goes the legalistic( non Gay friendly) churches …

  10. Jock S. Trap 21 May 2013, 8:23am

    It seems those opposed to Marriage Equality forget that the LGBT community pays equally to the tax bill. We pay for the registrars to do their job within the law.

    When we are talking about Civil Marriage, the religious “conscientous beliefs” cannot come into it. It is their personal beliefs NOT what the state has as law. Therefore they must either do the job we pay them to do or quit.

    As for the rather sour argument of people having the right not to recognise a marriage between tow men or two women, they will anyway but it’s still irrelevant as Marriage Equality will be enshrined in law.

    The bigoted may chose to act like cave people and deny someone’s marriage but it will be a marriage recognised by law in this country and their nothing they can do about it.

  11. Mr Leigh said today that the amendment was necessary because: “When there is a clash between gay rights and religious freedom, gay rights, I’m afraid, in our case law, comes first.”

    This man is obviously blinded by some sort of prejudice – when there is a conflict between a belief and a human characteristic the human characteristic wins, well duh!

    Belief is just that and is a choice, and need not be even rational or reasonable or TRUE and can be changed at will, and apparently its possible to believe more than one diametrically opposed thing at the same time, such is cognitive dissonance, or is that quantum physics. Mmm..

    Maybe Mr. Leigh needs to pinch him-self to see if he is really awake and hasn’t imperceptibly slipped into a delusional coma or a quantum fugue.

    1. EXACTLY. It would be nice if these people learned the difference between nature and nurture.

  12. What an idiot!…he knows that he would have no protection against any racist or sexist remarks, but believes it’s. His right for protection for his bigoted and homophobic beliefs! And he’s meant to be intelligent?!

  13. Spanner1960 21 May 2013, 7:03pm

    There is a simple difference here:
    “Current protected characteristics include age, race, disability, gender reassignment and sexuality.”

    All of which, are not matters anybody can do anything about. None of them are concious decisions, but factors beyond anybody’s control.

    Religion however, is totally decided on by the individual. Even the bible states that man is given a choice whether to believe or not.

    Sorry peeps, but to excuse the pun, you ain’t got a snowball’s chance in hell.

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