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MPs reject proposal to introduce straight civil partnerships without a full review

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Reader comments

  1. I watched the vote and I felt odd being happy about an equality amendment being shot down (at least on the face of it).

    Hopefully the civil partnership issue will also be cleared up soon after. It either needs to be abolished, or made available to everyone.

    1. de Villiers 20 May 2013, 11:06pm

      Preferably made available to everyone. 44% of heterosexual couples who seek a union in France choose the equivalent of a civil partnership as a modern alternative to marriage.

    2. Preferably abolished, as a hateful symbol of “separate but equal”.

      PACs in France are not at all like marriages, representing a significantly lesser commitment – more like a domestic partnership. I’d be happy to see something like that introduced if there was a demand for them, but CPs now need to go.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 20 May 2013, 11:02pm

    I watched the entire debate. It was fantastic to see the vast majority of MPs shooting down the absurd wrecking amendment, among others. I think we can all sit back and watch it pass safely tomorrow and unofficially, we’ll be country number 16. Now that the manuscript amendment to swiftly review CPs for straights has been approved, I don’t think the Lords will have much to object to.

  3. I would love for straight people to do whatever it is they want to do with Civil partnerships (so long as they remember and respect that it wasn’t a shiny new option to marriage and was actually another homophobia way to deny us rights because marriage was too special for the likes of us). If they can make something good and progressive from this polished turd then great, do so.

    On their own time. For once this is something that isn’t about straight people – this is about equality for a persecuted minority that is being denied equal respect under the law – not adding another toy to the straight folk’s box.

  4. During the debate in Parliament today, the MPs against same-sex marriage were at the same time saying that heterosexuals are being discriminated against because they cannot have civil partnerships! These MPs cannot bare the thought of heterosexuals being discriminated against, yet are at the same time campaigning for us to be discriminated against. Rank hypocrisy. I support any heterosexual couple to have the right to have a CP if they so wish, but only if we can have equal marriage rights. However, the bigots in Parliament want heterosexuals to have it all and preferably us to have nothing!

    1. James, there were two groups in parliament yesterday – those who fully support equality, and those seeking to wreck the bill by trying to get the first group to vote for full equality and in doing so drag the bill into the long grass.

      In the end the first group, consisting of progressive Tories, Labour and Libs outsmarted the wreckers.

      No hypocrites here, just goodies and baddies.

  5. I watched the debate, I commend Maria Miller! she remained calm focused and committed “This is about equality, giving equal rights to marriage to those who have been denied the opportunity, privilege rightful equality”

    Never during the debate or questions did she back down or concede to the 11th hour demand for equal rights (CP’s) for heterosexuals. She did instead commit to a full and separate debate to amend CP’s or to discuss their validity.

    Other MP’s took on the honorable challenge of those opposed by pointing out that in the 11th hour those who fought against equal marriage were now emblazoning the battle cry of “equality” for heterosexuals.

    Kudos to the MP who rose and pointed out those who avoided or chose not to commit to marriage were also unlikely to commit to a CP. Those people had made a choice “not to marry despite it being a right” He also pointed out those arguing for equal CP’s were among those who opposed them 10 years ago when they were a compromise to marriage.

    1. I honestly don’t know what happened to Maria Miller. Her voting records on gay rights aren’t great, but she has been exceptionally reasonable since becoming equalities minister. She clearly takes her ministerial role seriously, that’s for sure…

      1. I can’t agree more with you John, when her appointment as equalities minister was announced people had justified concerns about her suitability. If she were to depart this role any time soon I am sure she would disappoint many who were originally critical of her appointment.

        1. bobbleobble 21 May 2013, 9:39am

          I want to add my agreement to these comments, she’s been an incredibly champion for this legislation. When the brief on equalities was moved from the Home Office to the DCMS I honestly believed that Cameron was trying to downgrade and hide the policy away. Turns out he was putting the bill in extremely safe hands!

  6. I was stunned when the amendment was tabled. All of sudden the Tories were supporting Civil Partnerships for everyone after being so adamant in the past that marriage (between one man and one woman) was sacred! All respect for Nick Herbert who suggested that his party were saying that he was hearing the word “equality” on the back benches for the first time ever, but implying hypocrisy amongst his colleagues.

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