Nick Herbert: Some of those who are proposing opposite sex civil partnerships are “breathing the word ‘equality’ for the first time


Tim Loughton: I don’t do wrecking. I am happy for the bill to progress if it is the will of this House.


Tim Loughton is arguing that opposite sex civil partnerships is not a ‘wrecking’ amendment and that it is a response to his belief that same-sex marriage will become law regardless of his objections.


Maria Miller the Minister for Equalities and the Labour shadow minister Kate Green are in agreement on a speedy review for the future of civil partnerships


Sir Tony Baldry: Extending civil partnerships to heterosexual couples will create a rival to marriage


Maria Miller: We don’t know exactly the implications of straight civil partnerships


Maria Miller is now proposing an amendment to have a review of civil partnerships


MPs have overwhelmingly voted to reject an opt-out for civil registrars who object to same-sex marriage


MPs are voting on whether to give civil registrars can opt out of performing same-sex marriages


Culture Minister Hugh Robertson: Allowing public sector workers such as civil registrars to opt out who they marry would be setting dangerous precedent


Chris Bryant has pointed out that if an amendment is passed that registrars can opt out of performing same-sex marriages, it would mean that in registry offices with only one registrar, same-sex couples will be banned from marrying.


We’ve been told that most Conservative supporters of equal marriage will vote for Labour’s manuscript amendment to Maria Miller’s amendment on a review of civil partnerships. We have been warned though that some might abstain on Tim Loughton’s amendment which could mean that both get passed.


Sir Gerald Howarth: “The aggressive homosexual community sees this as stepping stone to something further”


David Lammy: There was a 20-year-division on ending the slave trade


Chris Bryant opposes a belief in marriage being between only a man and a woman being a “protected characteristic” under the Equality Act, stating that a belief in the virgin birth of Christ is not a protected characteristic.


Edward Leigh argues that it opponents of same-sex marriage should be “protected” to allow them to state that “marriage is between one man and one woman”, whether they state that on social media or in the classroom.


Liberal Democrat Stephen Williams: Comparing the opt-outs for civil registrars to Catholics surgeons having an opt for abortion is wrong. Surgeons do lots of things, he argued, while registrars only conduct marriages


David Burrowes is speaking in favour of his amendments to the Marriage (Same sex couples) Bill. There’s more about him here


MPs will vote at 7pm and 10pm tonight on amendments on the equal marriage bill


The programme motion that limits the time given to debate the Marriage (Same sex couples) Bill has passed.


Sir Gerald Howarth says that Parliament should be concentrating at the deficit not in a “divisive” measure such as same-sex marriage


Sir Gerald Howarth has pointed out that a majority of Conservative MPs have opposed the bill


The Culture Minister Hugh Robertson and the Labour shadow minister Chris Bryant have proposed the programme motion for the Marriage (Same sex couples) Bill.

Anti-equality Conservative MP Peter Bone has opposed the programme motion.


House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has said he hopes to move on to debate around the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill, at 16:30.


Downing Street is going to decide what to do if MPs vote in favour of an amendment to introduce opposite sex civil partnerships tonight.


Maria Miller says that opposite sex civil partnerships could derail the introduction of same-sex marriage