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Lib Dem MP Stephen Gilbert: ‘Equal marriage is now a litmus test for David Cameron’

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Reader comments

  1. Stephen, you are wrong. In supporting these amendments the Lib Dems and Labour will do no favours to same sex couples who are keen to get married. It will result in the bill becoming bogged down in detail and dragged out more and more within the corridors of power. Come on, wake up and realise that Tim Loughton is no supporter of equality. This is a wrecking tactic and it looks like the smaller coalition party and opposition will provide a helping hand.

    1. Note that Stephen doesn’t mention the amendments in his piece; he’s talking about the flat vote on the Third Reading.

  2. Ironically if the amendment is passed it might make it more difficult for the House of Lords to reject it. They certainly won’t have the excuse that gay people will have more rights, because everyone will be treated in the same way.

    1. It will be dead easy for the Lords to reject the bill if they accept an amendment for straight CPs, why do you think Tim Loughton has raised it?

      Where would you stop, bring in a further amendment to allow elderly sisters to do CPs, amend the dissolution rules so that you include adultery etc, allow opt outs for fiath schools and regsitrars who believe sex outside marriage is wrong and CPs are therefore wrong?

      There’s been no consultation on straight CPs or humanist weddings up to now. It’s all be revolved around SSM. You’d have to restart the process again.

      In any case there are already private bills being organised to deal with partnership schemes and I believe one of the lords is also putting out a humanist wedding bill.

      This is a litmus test for the lib dems and labour. We already know about the Tories and now were being shafted by the lib dems and labour just for political gain!

  3. Wrong Dave- gays won’t be able to get married! Tim Loughton-despite saying he is “pro-equality” does NOT support marriage for gay couples.

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