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Gay Tory MP Nick Herbert: MPs should vote for Labour amendment to equal marriage bill

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  1. Can we start doing to these quislings what the French did after WW2? I know someone who has access to tar and we all have cheap feather pillows (don’t lie. We all know you do).

    1. I don’t support lynch mob mentality, it makes us no different to the people we oppose.
      I hope decency and tolerance prevail.

      That said I do hope that these nasty twats are consigned to history.

  2. Didn’t realise Charlotte Leslie was one of these knuckle-draggers. She’s my MP.

    Luckily my seat’s a three-way marginal and I can’t see her being here in two years’ time.

    No choice but to pass those two years with a deluge of letters of complaint now, I suppose.

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