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Gay Tory MP Crispin Blunt: ‘David Cameron is going through a fire with his colleagues in order to deliver equal marriage’

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Reader comments

  1. “Once this is done, it’s finished, it’s over and everyone will wonder what on earth all the fuss was about.” Never a truer word spoken. Well said, Mr Blunt.

  2. two sips to being a diva 20 May 2013, 11:47am

    Next, let’s disestablish the church of England, which is a strangle-hold on the provision of equality. Additionally, such an established status will in the future be used by other religious (mainly fundamentalist) groups to garner special status. Finally, the provision of religious ‘choice’ smelted upon us during the Blair years (‘cos he wanted his sprogs to go to top Catholic schoos) needs to be eradicated. In essence, we need a secular constitution.

  3. David Cameron has done a good job, but if it comes to nothing, the bill is wrecked, or delayed for years, or weaked by amendments allowing registrars to legally refuse to provide civil marriages to gay couples, then it will have all been completely pointless.

    You’ll get 8/10 if the amendments are defeated, but 0/10 if the bill is wrecked or delayed, which will mean David will get no gratitude for his efforts. Heck, some gay people might even vote Tory if it passes, unamended, and quickly, but more importantly some young voters might vote Tory if they can see Cameron has managed, against the detractors in his own party, to achieve this.

    1. Well I for one will never vote Tory when it’s blatantly clear how many bigots still exist in their party. What should be remembered is that Cameron is liberal for his party and in my opinion he is one of the few people in his party who is electable.

      Yes it will make the Conservatives seem more tolerant and socially liberal to younger voters which might expand it’s appeal, but the intolerant, narrow-minded and mean will always exist in the party. The day they change is the day they cease to be the Conservative Party.

      1. Don Harrison 20 May 2013, 3:56pm

        Chris you and me both.

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