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Exclusive: Government ‘relaxed’ on immediate review on the future of civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. What’s the big thing for CPs all of a sudden? I thought the whole idea of marriage equality was to replace the second-rate option that we were palmed off with last time around. If CPs are to be included in this bill, I think they should simply be ditched as a bad job.

    1. No big thing really just an attempt to wreck this SSM bill by certain members of the “small government” and freedom from the nanny state party.

    2. Very well said.

  2. de Villiers 20 May 2013, 6:58pm

    It appears that the proposed amendment for CPs to be opened to all was designed to delay the gay marriage implementation.

    For that reason, I am pleased that the Party Labour and Party Liberal have opposed it.

    However, I look forward to civil partnerships being open to all couples – 44% of heterosexual couples who seek a union in France choose the equivalent of a civil partnership as a modern alternative to marriage.

    1. I can’t see that happening here. Most straight people see a civil wedding as the modern alternative. I’d guess CPs will fade away gradually once we get equal marriage. CPs are marriage in all but name anyway. I think PACS are different, yes?

      1. de Villiers 20 May 2013, 11:02pm

        No. And 44% of straight couples in France choosing a union favour a civil partnership.

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