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Czech Republic

Czech President Milos Zeman criticised for homophobic snub of gay academic

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Reader comments

  1. Was he sober enough to express an opinion? See his youtube clips.

    1. Are you suggesting he’s the reincarnation of Boris Yeltsin?

      1. Yes:-) but Boris was steadier on his feet.

  2. Mr. Zeman is sure an idiot and suffers virosis most of the time, but the article is a little missleading. Mr. Zeman´s reasons for not to appoint Mr. Putna a proffessor is not that Mr. Putna attended the Prague Pride, but that he carried a banner with saying “Catholic faggots are saying hello to Mr. Batora”. You should also know, that Mr. Batora is a extreme right-wing anti-gay and anti-almost-anything activist, so Mr. Putna´s banner was obviously an irony. Mr. Putna is not liked by Mr. Zeman not because of his sexuality, but because of the fact, that Mr. Putna openly supported Mr. Zeman´s rival in the run for the president during the election in the beggining of this year. Nevertheless, that does not mean anything on the fact, that Zeman is just the same …. just like his predecessor pen-stealing Vaclav Klaus.

    1. sorry for the last sentence… I wanted to say … that does not CHANGE anything….

  3. Of all the Central European countries the Czech Republic is the most tolerant towards LGBT people I believe. I guess you get morons everywhere.

  4. “According to the Associated Press, Czech President Milos Zeman has refused to fully explain his stance, saying he doesn’t want to “humiliate” the candidate, Martin Putna, “by naming the reasons publicly.”

    More like he’s afraid that by revealing the reasons his blatant homophobia will be even more evident for everybody.

  5. Another vile self-hater ….

    He should have a look at this …..

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