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Church of Scotland votes to allow ordaining ministers in same-sex relationships

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Reader comments

  1. Fandabbydozey !!

    Oh how my old home country is changing.

    1. until it causes a split (again).

      1. Hopefully! The sooner we’re split from Westminster the better

  2. well it’s a positive, modern step. but since it’s all a mother lode of fable non-sense that should be banned, i am neither here nor there about this news. people really should do something more worthwhile with their life… see if we can’t advance this primitive society ever further… rather than victimize honest, good people who happen to be different. some hope.

    1. who are you to tell others what to do with their lives?

      MANY religious people are very much pro-equality.
      And many of those people simply keep their religious beliefs to themselves.

      So why would you want to infringe on someone else’s beliefs and rights?
      If you expect to be treated equally and fairly, then you have to do the same in turn.
      Insulting those who believe differently than you do is NOT a demonstration of respect.

      Just for the record: I believe that religion is a personal issue. I believe it has absolutely no place in public life, in politics, in education, and so on.

      But reading comments from rabid atheists like you makes me just as fearful as reading the rantings of the religious extremists. Both would impose their own beliefs on others. That is NEVER a good basis for social equality.

      1. Hear, hear.

      2. Well said Mikey!

  3. Common sense 20 May 2013, 10:52pm

    I am delighted that they have seen sense on this matter. The C of S has always been much more progressive than the other established churches (despite the rather unfair caricature you see south of the border). They are following in the steps of the Dutch Reformed Church that then went on to approve gay marriage on church premises. Watch this space!

    1. billy Wingartenson 21 May 2013, 5:28am

      its so interesting how the dutch reformed chruch has evolved

      In the past it waS behind apartheid in south africa and the so.baptists in the USA are a split off from he dutch church. the So. baptists justied slaavery as per the bible

  4. It seems to me that the next step will be the Church of Scotland agreeing to bless gay marriages – book your tickets to Gretna Green now!

  5. billy wingartenson 21 May 2013, 5:25am

    progress progress progress

    soon the Vatican will be the only significant western church to not support marriage, at least under law

    Of course its the church of Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann, Goebbells, and mengele

    for the pictorial record

    1. Godric Godricson 21 May 2013, 8:46am

      These are fascinating photographs. The collusion of the Roman Catholic hierarchy with National Socialism. My personal view is that the the Romans will in the final analysis support most Governments of whatever ideology to survive.

  6. “Change or die” is what they’ve at last realised. Frankly, I hope they do the latter anyway. Religion has always been about power and control. They’ve lost both – so what’s the point of them any more? In my experience, most religion is divisive and just plain nasty.

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