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London: Gay couple threatened with death in violent late night homophobic assault

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  1. Just when you think this country is making progress! What disgraceful behaviour.

    The government needs to hurry up and give lgbt people full rights. I know it won’t stop all the idiotic thugs in the country but at least it will send a strong message that this country is inclusive.

    Maybe then the next generation won’t have anywhere near this level of homophobia.

    1. TheBrutalKremlin 19 May 2013, 6:22pm

      FACT: in 1967 violence against queers went UP, not Down as a result of the criminalisation of gay sex repeal.

      Time for some real activism, and a wake up call. All this marriage crap and all should not have been directed at the churches and religions. CPs work just fine, for now. Get 75% of the so0called community in stable relationships, and out of drug infested bars and sex clubs, to name a few vices, and perhaps then there’d be a greater case. For now, it’s only going to breed backlash imho.

      1. FACT: in 1967 violence against queers went UP,

        Could you quote a reputable source for your FACT? If possible, please include an analysis of the distinction between the way crimes against “queers” were reported before and after the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

        1. TheBrutalKremlin 19 May 2013, 7:03pm

          Sorry, it was the violence and harrassment by Police, and also police dismissal of hate crimes – even after the pass of the act. I am finding the source.

      2. Yeah sure what ever you say. Thanks for that

      3. Gutless&CowardlyKremlin, more like!

  2. This happened very close to where i live and is really worrying and saddening considering I would want to be able to walk hand in hand with my boyfriend without being targeted by homophobes

    1. South london is not safe. Jap Boorknap, Gefforey Windsor, Simon Pearse, Gerry Edwards all murdered. But not upper middle class so those who make the decisions do not care.

    2. TheBrutalKremlin 19 May 2013, 6:15pm

      WISE UP! You are NOT going ot be able to ponce around hand in hand with your boyfiredn any time soon. Fair? No. Fact of life today? Yes. People really need to grow up. This assimilationist pollyanna agneda is laughable.

      I do not mean to be offensive to you directly, but ‘street smart’ means something. Roving gangs of teenagers cannot even be controlled by the system, their parents, or the police. The social atmosphere right now is tense and hostile – especially with UKIP on the rise. Does anyone REALLY THINK that YOU are going to be able to do anything better because you once road on a Pride float?

      1. i am aware that as a child i was kept in a middle class bubble with total equality and acceptance my point is that i wish that i could walk hand in hand with the person i love as my brother does with his girlfriend

        and by the way i found your comments very personally offensive

        1. Lindsey, just press Report on his comments. He’s a nasty twisted piece of work.

      2. Learn to spell, TheBrutalKremlin, and more attention might be paid to your (offensive) comments.

  3. Are these the sort of people whom the government want to pander too, in case they’re offended by “gay” marriage?

  4. UKIPs comments do not help!

    1. TheBrutalKremlin 19 May 2013, 6:17pm

      UKIP is one of the most dangeorus things going for LGBT people right now – time for a wake up to activism call. And I don;t mean another disco drug party.

      1. Where is spanner

        1. Good think, James! You’re probably right. Sounds like Spanner after a Sunday afternoon on the piss.

          1. Except this person doesn’t support UKIP and Spanner does?

  5. And so it begins, fuelled by the anti marriage bigots who want blood.
    I’m waiting for the insulated , bubble wrapped brigade to come on here saying how once in mayfair they remembered holding hands with their man(as it is a rare event in public) and everyone in London is so accepting.

    1. I think I -1 you by mistake. If you do not walk the streets or take public transport your view of london is different than someone who has no choice. Say what you want london is not safe. 2 guys were attacked in beckenham one died but these attacks are swept under the carpet by the right wing assimilators who only crave for acceptance. We are different and that should be celebrated not suppressed

      1. I don’t think London is safe for same sex visibility and that is obvious to that visible and liberated to be who they are without modifications in behaviour. I do take public transport and walk mostly so i’m very aware of what’s happening on the ground. Some on here are very adamant to somehow prove by some clichéd , convenient tale of how they held hands once that everything is honky dory in the capital and are aggressive and want to censor those who are more aware of the reality. .

        1. Buy a bike. Public transport is one of the most hostile places

          1. Good idea , but unfortunately the reason I had to return to London was to care for a disabled/ill close relative and accompanying them on a cycle is not an option.

          2. No, James! Continue to take the bus! And be proud of who you are!

        2. @Rapture – You’re probably referring to my reply on a previous thread where I recalled the various parts of London where I had held hands with a man. I don’t have anything to prove my retelling my account of holding hands with a date/boyfriend, I was simply letting people know it can be done and I’m fully aware of the dangers out there facing LGBT people. However, I have mentioned before that there are areas where it wouldn’t be advisable for same sex couples to show PDA.

          As dreadful as this story is it only inspires me to be stronger. I won’t be holding hands with a guy walking along Peckham high street, mind you, but if you step into my space with harmful intent, you’d better be prepared for a fight – I won’t back down.

          I hope the couple make a speedy recovery.

          1. No sorry, I can’t remember your comment on a previous thread, so it was not a direct referral to you.
            I have always tried to maintain public displays of affection with my partner throughout london , probably why I am more aware of public hostility.

    2. “And so it begins?

      This is a horrible incident, but if you think a violent mugging after midnight on a Saturday night has been “fuelled” by the debate about equal marriage, you have little real experience of the rougher edges of the city you claim to know so intimately. Or do you believe mobile phones and wallets are stolen as a protest against equal marriage?

      1. If you want to beat up two queers, why not take their phones and wallets as well?

        Rehan, don’t rule out an anti-gay motive. We don’t have footage of what occurred in the park prior to the attack.

        1. he didnt say it wasn’t homophobic attack, he just thought its not very likely to be motivated by the debate about equal marriage

          1. Thank you Kane – that’s exactly what I meant, Eddy.

      2. It would seem you are the one who has a limited understanding to what is going on. The victim of this crime has himself made a connection between rising homophobia and the language used by politicians and media contributing to this.
        Rather than make a desperate response in a wisping, spitting manner to my posts, you should attempt to consider outside your insulated interpretation.

        1. “Wisping”?

          Try aiming for a degree of balance, striving for objectivity rather than emotion. It’ll be a struggle for you, but it might just be worth it in the end.

          1. Ok MS Passive Aggressive , You need to follow your own advice on objectivity , which you seem incapable of. As you refute completely any connection with current anti gay rhetoric with this crime, although the victim has publicly declared his view otherwise and I believe in respecting that. Further, there is nothing of shame in a controlled emotional response to something that one is indignant of and only a very repressed individual would recommend struggling against.

          2. “Controlled”? Seems more of a demonstration of wisping.

            Christopher Bryant did not refer to rising homophobia, he said “A lot of kids in particular seem to be as homophobic now as they ever were“. Work it out for yourself.

          3. @rehan, he did refer to the association of language used by the anti marriage bigots , which you were very ready to deny any connection based on my earlier post, or are you not really interested in LGBT issues and more interested in attempting to have a comeback to my post. with creeps like you , who needs enemies, quit yer snide bitchin and man up!

          4. There, there.

            *pats hand*

  6. Lee De Gavrilac 19 May 2013, 4:59pm

    It’s quite obvious park patrols at night are still required In this country. With the current level of unemployment and the amount of public funds currently wasted on government job titles achieving nothing, some funds should be allocated to the protection and safety of minority groups and more prosecutions being brought to court!

  7. Ill be blunt. Gay “ghettos” were a good thing. I prefer to call them gay communities. We knew everyone and I felt safe in them. Now we are dispersed we are vulnerable to these attacks. In the las t decade I can think of several murders. We are not safe from attack in london it’s a hostile place.

  8. Hatred incited by christians, muslims, UKIP, and other homophobic politicians on national TV like Philip Hammond should be held accountable for these kind of hate crimes.

    If a tory minister went on national TV and was openly racist, he would not be in the party, never mind in the cabinet.

    1. Very much agree. And Philip Hammond’s remark about a “sense of real anger” was repeated numerous times on the BBC during IDAHO Day. Unfortunately Hammond’s comment almost seemed like an invitation to beat up someone.

  9. Every single one of these (so-called ‘men’) is a coward! They usually form a group of 3 or more to target single or coupled gay men.

    None of these cowards would dare target a gay man one to one!

  10. I am shocked to hear about this abhorrent hate crime.

    But it would be helpful to hear of the description of the attackers and to be provided with the contact details of the local LGBT Liasion Officer.

    Other people may come forward.

    It would also help other LGBT people to understand the ‘profile’ of the attackers as to whether they were typical ‘urban’ youths or whether the profile was less stereotypical.

    1. They were muslims, no doubt.
      Mosques are openly calling for executions of gay people. It is only a matter of time before muslim “vigilantes” decide to take the law into their own hands.
      And nobody is doing anything to prevent this.

      1. “No doubt”?

        I didn’t know Penge is a particularly Muslim area – please do enlighten us, since you seem to know better. Do you consider the theft of mobile phone and wallet part of Muslim vigilantism too?

        1. Some people don’t follow the news very closely, evidently. Groups of Muslim men have been prosecuted for all sorts of appalling behaviour all over the country for the last five or so years!

          1. what? exclusively?

          2. In Penge?

      2. Well it is odd that there is no description of the attackers?

      3. Oh kindly eff off.

      4. I really hope you’re not a policeman/woman because you’d be a pretty terrible one.

        In the real world, people like to see the person who committed the crime arrested so that they don’t do it again. You however, seem to want the person you would like to have committed the crime arrested, to comply with your own personal agenda. Will any Muslim do for you or do you have a more specific profile in mind? Meanwhile, if the actual criminals turn out not to be Muslim, they’re just free to go around “bashing gays” with impunity aren’t they, because you’d continue to arrest more Muslims.

        To reiterate, I really hope you are not a member of the Met police.

  11. Just because they called him a ‘faggot’ doesn’t mean it was a homophobic attack. Yes, the language they were using was homophobic – for all we know the attackers where just being opportunistic and attacking anyone they thought was vulnerable.

    Faggot is a word that is sadly too often used as a word that describes something that’s ‘rubbish’ or ‘useless’ rather than a word to describe a homosexual.

    1. Godric Godricson 19 May 2013, 5:36pm

      Andy, whilst i may agree with your forensic reflections on the use of the word “Faggot”, it seems inappropriate at this point when serious suffering has been caused to real people. The reported assault is the result of UKIP, the Tories, the Churches and the media all whipping up hatred. The named organisations have all colluded in making this assault seem acceptable. Damn them all!

      1. What crap. Who the HELL do you think you are to go round blaming the Tories ukip, church. What a pathetic leftie smear/slur.

        In case you’ve forgotten it’s this conservative govt that is introducing equal marriage. So get your facts right, stop smearing anyone you might disagree with & wind your bloody neck in. Tool.

        1. Godric Godricson 19 May 2013, 6:02pm


      2. Sister Mary Clarence 19 May 2013, 8:57pm

        “The reported assault is the result of UKIP, the Tories, the Churches and the media all whipping up hatred. The named organisations have all colluded in making this assault seem acceptable. Damn them all!”

        I have to say I’m not really getting your logic here, and I’m more with James! and his comment to be honest.

        There is nothing to suggest any of these people support UKIP or the Tories, go to church, or read, or otherwise, the media.

        Personally I think its more likely to be to do with education, or lack of it, which of course starts in the home, or doesn’t, as the case may be

    2. Who is this Cnut?

      1. Godric Godricson 19 May 2013, 6:00pm

        Are you a troll or what?

        1. Are you a twat or what

          1. godric godricson 19 May 2013, 6:23pm

            James / Stu, Try to stay with the story which is serious and not about you. The story is about people who have been seriously hurt as the result of violent assault.

    3. justusboyz 19 May 2013, 8:50pm

      It clearly was Homophobic Andy! a schoolkid may use this word in a flippant way, not a group of grown men who attack two gay men and near kill them. Dont be silly!

  12. Poor guys.

    I hope the criminals are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  13. A truly shocking attack. I wish you both every strength to make a speedy recovery from this.

  14. GingerlyColors 19 May 2013, 5:44pm

    Six of them attacking two guys. How brave of them! Cowardly, more like.

  15. Someone is deleting any dissenting post about the tie-in with tthese backlashes and the marriage debacle. If you can’t take fair, dissenting opinion shut your yellow publication down.

    1. Yes I had mentioned that connection earlier, especially with all the anti gay rhetoric being used at present.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 19 May 2013, 8:58pm

      Well this one hasn’t been deleted though mate

  16. this is totally insane , these men who attacked this gay couple should be sent to jail , i think it is really disgusting to see such things still happening in 2013 …..i am shocked and really angry too for the safety of all my gay and lesbian friends too .

  17. Gays like TheBrutalKremilin are a problem. The more we are visible the more we will be accepted. Some people may get abused but I never have when I have held hands with a lad. In Liverpool and Newcastle as well.

    I agree with the poster above, just because they used the word faggot it doesn’t mean that they knew these men were gay and homophobically abused him. The man in the picture doesn’t look like a stereotype so maybe they just used the word faggot which is sadly common among teens. This doesn’t make it any better but the report doesn’t say that they were holding hands so.

    1. Not really. I have 2 friends who have left the uk and are encouraging me to do the same. We are more visible but no safer. It’s always there simmering waiting for an oppourtunity. That is not acceptance that it tolerance until the person or persons attack. That is not a relly healthy way to live

      1. Where have your friends gone that’s so much better?

        1. Exactly, because things are so much better in other parts of the world, like Paris and NYC,

          1. There are other areas than London, paris and new York, just further down this thread there are testimonies of others being harassed out of their homes in London , one who has moved to Cambs and finds his situation much improved. I moved out of London to Norfolk for a period and had no trouble with homophobes there. The people there were much more tolerant .

          2. Not everyone wants to move from a city to a village. It may suit some people, but not all.

            And it might be of use to study the attitudes of villagers in the past: it wasn’t all good, I can assure you.

      2. We are not visible. You hardly see 2 men or 2 women holding hands anywhere even in London.

        1. I agree and if I do see such , it must be because it is so rare and has got the stares or attention of others, because I never notice opposite sex couples.

    2. A homophobic hate crime is how it is perceived by the witness victim, it does not help to debate in what context an obvious offensively homophobic term was used.
      What is the stereotype? if you look at homophobic murder victims over the last few years , I would say they do not fit any limited stereotyping in how they look.

  18. Gosh i pray a speedy healing and that the perps are caught speedily.xxoo

  19. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 May 2013, 7:07pm

    Give Christopher and Damian all the support you can mobilize. So they can emerge from this attack stronger than ever before. THAT is why we are sisters and brothers—all around the world ! ( Love from Norway )

  20. david holland 19 May 2013, 7:18pm

    o my god this day in age its terrible i really hope they are ok? im in stock i hope the police end up getting hold of them! which i doubt! there would be more i would love to do to them but wont say or go into it on here!

  21. Speedy recovery from all your gay brothers and sisters in Australia.

  22. Absolutely disgraceful !

  23. HORRENDOUS and sickening . . .

    ANY form of violence needs to be challenged and I it upsets me when bigots feel they can do this and get away with this sort of thing.

    Now is the time for everyone to start, continue or renew their personal safety training or a few personal safety tips that may assist in keeping safe . . .


  24. Christopher Bryant and Damon Truluck, thank you for going public with this outrageous incident, and thank you very much for publishing the photograph. I only hope that there is just ONE decent journalist in just ONE national newspaper who will publish the photograph and the story tomorrow and bring to people’s attention the fearful wave of homophobia that there has been in the UK of late.

    How brave you are.

  25. Absolutely horrible.

    The other day i was personally attacked on this site on an article about a homophobic attack in Cyprus for saying that London has more homophobic attacks than the whole of Cyprus. (There has not been a homophobic incident like this in Cyprus for 5 years.) Homophobia has no colour or race. Instead of mugging off other countries we should see what is happening in our country first.

    1. For the sake of argument, what do you think is the likelihood of Cypriot gay men who’re beaten up reporting it to the police and the matter being taken seriously? Even the incident you refer to involved foreigners. It’s often a very different matter for locals.

  26. I wonder what kind of press coverage there would be if a bunch of us decided to go about in parks beating up breeders, just for fun. maybe someone should try the experiment. but we all know already that there would be national outrage and that it’d make headlines. but we’ve always been fair game and still are, so everybody shuts up and looks the other way. We still live in the dark ages. my thoughts are with this couple and their families.

  27. Wilma Fingadoo 19 May 2013, 10:43pm

    I hope they find the attackers as quickly as possible, BUT I also think that anyone walking in a park past midnight is putting themselves at risk gay or not.
    I suppose if you have been celebrating a birthday then awareness of your surroundings may not be high on the list but we should all use some common sense. If the word “faggot’ had not been used this would be a brutal mugging and as another commentator has already said the aggressive use of faggot may not necessarily be an indicator of a gay hate crime, either way it is a hate crime against humanity and needs resolving

    1. Mister Fister 20 May 2013, 6:15pm

      Fab moniker!

  28. Its starting to happen here in the States as well. Hate crime murders are rising in New York City. Its retaliation for us gaining equality. Its going to get allot worse before it gets better. The exact same thing happened here decades ago when black people gained their equal rights.

  29. Yes, we need to be kind towars these people and trying to understand them. We should not seek punishment but welcome them and ‘congratulate’ with them, reward them, i.e. well done! you’re great! good effort! ‘yob’ culture is funky and trendy! and the resistance shown by some ‘socially diverse’ groups and/or ‘culturally diverse identities’ is just cool. We should just turn the other cheek, what the fuss of even turning to the law when this is stacked in favour of offenders’ rights. Who doesn’t know that the system is distant, unaccountable and unanswerable? They do. So, next assault?!

    1. So true, yobs know they will only get a caution at worst community service, some even want to get back into prison for the holiday camp experience.

  30. Disgusting behaviours,these cowards need to be punished. I hope the couple make a speedy recovery.

  31. having read through all these comments, two things stand out to me.
    (1) street smarts—we all have to know what we can do and where we can do it—like, cross the street to avoid trouble ahead, don’t hold hands unless you’re absolutely sure it’s a safe option. in life to survive decently, we must be sensible and aware.
    (2) learn how to defend yourself–karati, whatever it takes, to properly protect yourself from harm. learn and train yourself for what you have to know so you are not totally defenseless in an attack situation.

    of course, this all takes effort and time, but it better than getting your head bashed in.

  32. Philip Pearce 20 May 2013, 2:06am

    Six against two, which are the cowards?

  33. With no description of the attackers, how can the public help ..??

  34. Agree with post above can we have a description of the attackers. had this been a man and woman let say from a ethic group attacked by white youths it would broadcasted and printed – why is there no broadcast of this attack of this gay couple

  35. GulliverUK 20 May 2013, 8:11am

    We need approx. age, height, ethnicity, hair colour, details of the clothing they were wearing, any distinguishing features, etc. I live very near there, so it would be helpful. Besides, how can they be brought to justice if we don’t know who to look for? I admit that I’m no more frightened living here than before, but that is about me, and I refuse to live in fear, but we do want to get those people off the streets and in to prison. This was a very serious attack and nothing short of a custodial sense could be contemplated. I’m guessing the police will have some ideas about who they are.

  36. The sad thing is that these people (if even prosecuted) will not end up behind bars. Violence (the kind that leaves you with a bloody nose) is not really punished anymore in modern Europe.

    1. GulliverUK 20 May 2013, 9:50am

      They will get a criminal record, which they will have to declare to some employers, and if their names are in the papers everybody will know what they’ve done, but there should be custodial sentences IMO.

      1. They may get a brief custodial sentence because of media exposure , but otherwise it’s very doubtful, if the met police are letting such a large proportion of serious violent acts/rapes just get given a caution as revealed recently.

  37. Vile scum bags!!! Makes me sick!! Hope they are all caught and put away!

  38. We moved out of London (east end) in 1999 because I couldn’t take the attacks on our home any longer. We now live in a small market town in Cambs and we have never had the slightest problem and we are well known. Those that don’t ‘approve’ leave us alone.

    1. Good for you , certain people leaving comments here seem to think anywhere outside of London is far worse than the homophobia in the capital.

      1. Me and my partner left South London, Kennington 3 years ago and now live in suburbs – in 3 years have not had one derogatory comment from anyone – all neighbours have been highly accepting & friendly.

        A Huge Influx of Africans & Eastern Europeans have been the downfall of certain parts of London – I know these are the ones that drove us out after 13 years of trying to live in a community with these people.

        1. Your experience is very common for many who have moved out of London because of the homophobic hostility. What is surprising is that some insulated gays seem to assume London is somehow better than other areas of the UK for tolerance.

          1. That’s because some of us actually live in London – and perhaps not everyone here is quite so adept at channelling misery as you are.

          2. @rehan, from only reading your recent posts , you exist in London is a more appropriate term than “live”.

          3. What a ridiculous comment – I actively enjoy living in London (which is why I continue to live here), whereas all you do is complain about it. Who exactly is “existing” then?

  39. Sickening!!!!! hope you guys get well soo….KARMA will get them.
    Big Huggs

  40. Is the only evidence this was a homophobic attack the one sentance uttered by one of the attackers? I’m from south London and I don’t walk through the park late at night because it’s a stupid thing to do, people rob you if you do that. If I’d walked through the park and been robbed by the same guys and they said “stay down beardy” would that make it a beard motivated assault?
    The fact that they also got a kicking doesn’t change anything, if you fight back in a robbery it’s likely that’ll happen. To be honest they’re lucky they didn’t get stabbed.

    1. GulliverUK 20 May 2013, 1:17pm

      There were two of them, plus from one entrance of Betts park to the other is a short walk, and you have a good view as it’s pretty flat (it slopes downwards, giving a good view as you go down towards Croydon Road).

      It cuts off a chunk of walk from going the long way around.

      It doesn’t actually matter now whether it was homophobic and motivated by sexual orientation, because both guys could reasonably have assumed that due to the language used it was, and that is all that matters. The hate crimes law is there is put a stop to that, because those guys will now probably have anxiety issues and possibly even panic attacks, based on perception that they were attacked because they were gay, and the law is there to punish that with extra weight.

      Mugging and homophobic hate crimes probably lead on to more violent crimes, including stabbing, which is why they need to be caught right now.

  41. Daniel dos Santos 20 May 2013, 12:32pm

    Terrible. Shame on you, England. Not so long ago, the same happened to a Dutch guy in France. Here in Holland we do not dare walking hand in hand anymore. We have rights, at least officially but in the practice they are all worn out as it seems that for us gays, the rights must be regularly reassured.

    1. GulliverUK 20 May 2013, 1:07pm

      Free training classes for Judo for anyone who is gay should be introduced. We shouldn’t be taking it on the chin, but fighting back. The police are a postcode lottery – some are great, some seem to be colluding with criminals to scupper any chance of justice. The police are, I’m afraid to say, still not to be trusted in this country. Despite the excellent work of some, perhaps the majority, you still have a chance you’ll get a homophobic officer who will treat you as the perp and not the victim.

    2. That’s so so sad that this European epidemic of suppression is happening in Europe.

    3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 May 2013, 6:14pm

      Lovely Daniel dos Santos. Unfortunately it’s like that in Norway and Scandinavia also. We have to be very aware of this fact ! Suddenly you can meet an unbalanced person. But this does not happen very often—and we must be strong and persistent in claiming Our Rights !

  42. Rudehamster 20 May 2013, 12:39pm

    I know what this man is going through. I only hope he gets better treatment from the police than I have had.
    I was given death threats and threats of being ‘hunted & burnt out’ by some new neighbours. This went on for 4yrs. Each complaint was dodged by the Tower Hamlets police. After being kept awake with noise & threats for 7nights, I swore once at them. This lead to an hour long siege of my flat: 15 people with bats, iron bars, etc.
    My 999 call was cancelled by the attending police, who knew the neighbours…and I was arrested for swearing (Public Order Act). Despite being having spinal damage & being on high levels of painkillers, I was threatened with handcuffs when one officer said ‘ I think he’s getting angry, I think we should cuff him’ . Despite going willingly, I was then dragged from my flat and put in a cell. The Custody Sergeant refused me access to my two hourly painkillers, saying there was no doctor to give them to me. They sent the solicitor away when he called…I had

  43. Rudehamster 20 May 2013, 12:40pm

    to sit for a further 2hrs before seeing legal advice. He advised that I accept an £80 fine & a criminal record (which ruins my employment within the Criminal Justice sector),then instructed them to let me go. I was kept in a cell and refused access to a nurse or drinks or to handwashing (I have to use catheters and ended up with a sever bladder infection from germs in the filthy cell).
    After six and a half hours in a cell I was released and told that I was NOT allowed to make a complaint against my neighbours. One officer took me into a corridor, pushed me against a wall, told me that he was ‘fed up of your sort making complaints against decent people…any more complaints would be ignored…have you got that mate?’
    Two months later I was attacked by a member of the neighbour’s family and my nose broken. There were witnesses but the police didn’t want to know. After sixteen years living peacefully, I had to move house because of homophobia & aggression from neighbours who told me they

  44. Rudehamster 20 May 2013, 12:42pm

    they’d make my life hell until I moved.
    The attack was in early October. It is now mid-may and the investigating officer has delayed the arrest, saying he has lost the original statement and he has no idea where the perpetrator is (despite being told several times…with evidence). The police refuse to lodge it as a Hate Crime, despite Victim Support telling them to do so.
    I’ve moved Borough and the Tower Hamlets Police won’t come to Islington to take a statement, but have sent me an email asking me to write a new statement and post it to them. However, they say it is unlikely they will catch the guy who, has vowed to kill me if he sees me – and that I should just forget about it.
    The police are homophobic and crap.

  45. Rudehamster 20 May 2013, 12:49pm

    Due to my spinal damage, I have little energy to deal wit hthis myself, so it’s a constant worry.

    I’ve been advise dto take it to the IPCC, but have no idea where to start and certainly cannot do the work myself.

    If anyone can help on this, I’d be grateful.

    Over a 30yr period & apart from this 3yr problem, I’ve had four queerbashings and three other homophobia issues: I’ve taken them all to the police and each time they have cocked it up by losing evidence, letting perps escape from bail conditions, dropping the case without telling me or threatening me to keep quiet.
    The Met are nowhere near gay friendly and I know they’ll never give support willingly. If they refuse to put MY case as a hate Crime, then it’s clear their clear up rates on homophobia are lies.

    1. I was a victim of hate crime attack in which police officer advised me to change my lifestyle and not go out late at night, so I won’t get beaten up by 8 yobs again.I agree, I don’t believe police figures/statistics on crime.
      Regarding your case, I had a trans friend who lived in Tower hamlets also who life was made hell by neighbours, the police were unwilling to help in what she said was their fear of being accused of lack of ethnic cultural sensitivities or racism , which of course seems to be a theme throughout the country. Anyhow, unfortunately she committed suicide as no efforts were made to protect her basic human rights.

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 May 2013, 6:02pm

      I fully understand you, Rudehamster ! ( Police were horrible to me—several decades ago in Norway ) I understand Your reactions – both physically and mentally. All the very best !

    3. Mister Fister 20 May 2013, 6:12pm

      Your post is very moving. I’m sure you are not alone in having had this appalling treatment to face from your neighbours and the police.

      I wish I could say that a complaint to the IPCC would do you any good but that is doubtful. You can find details about how to make a complaint on their website although they are presently overwhelmed with complaints and any consideration of your complaint would not take place for many months. Nonetheless, please do make a complaint. This will be permanently included in the individual Police Officers personnel records and will follow them around forever.

      The more complaints people make will prove a history of misconduct and maybe (in an alternative universe perhaps!) lead to their dismissal except I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen.

    4. It seems to me you have to catch these incidents on film and hope they go viral on the Internet before anything gets done. (I’m referring to your neighbours and the godawful met police).

  46. GulliverUK 20 May 2013, 1:02pm

    There are two main entrances to Betts park, one at the top along Anerley road, and the other which comes down the side of The Mitre pub (currently being refurbished. I noticed that they have a camera on one of the doors, which looks like it might have a view of that entrance. Could be a dummy camera, or might have been switched off during the renovations, or it could just possible be useful.

  47. Alan O Connor 20 May 2013, 2:05pm

    I feel saddend to my Core and quite emotional. I wish a speedy recovery to both Men involved,although the emotional scars will Im sure remain for some time!!

  48. Why are gay people so often targeted? We’re just a bunch of ordinary people trying to get on with our everyday lives without harassment. Is that too much to ask?

  49. As an American, it’s saddening to see that — even in the country I idolize as an example of how human rights should be handled — this sort of bigotry is prevalent. Disgraceful, indeed.

    Then again, even with 70 years of racial integration behind us in the States, racism is all-too-common. I fear that court mandate of these issues will do little to nothing to sway those who want to cause trouble.

    1. Umm human rights here? Poor people in social housing have to pay $35 per week to for each room they don’t use. Ie a single person with more than one bedroom pays regardless of their income. Uk tax payers paid billions to the banks to loan to businesses, the banks kept the money.

      1. Our benefits system, for the time being, is still better than the USA James, which is where Brandon is from…

  50. Therese Elizabeth Ries 20 May 2013, 3:18pm

    I think this is ABSOLUTELY APPALLING !! I hope these guys who committed this APPALLING CRIME are found, arrested and jailed accordingly. To the couple who were set upon, I hope , pray and wish you both a speedy recovery ;0)!

  51. damned filth 20 May 2013, 4:23pm

    Happens all the time. I got someone spitting at me screaming “Batty boy” yesterday in broad daylight.

    What do you do, fight back and risk being accused of a racists attack?

    The police only act once it is in the press

    1. Just so you know, black gay men are more at rick of homophobic attacks than white men. I was told this when I reported a homophobic incident last year.

      1. That is probably true as black communities in the uk are more homophobic , but also true for any LGBT person of any ethnicity in a predominantly black area .

        1. That’s the case in NYC (where I live) too, though politically-correct gay activists try to avoid reporting that.

  52. Marilyn Rainier 20 May 2013, 4:36pm

    My daughter was a lesbian and is now an ‘invisible’ transgender man. While she was a lesbian she was ‘visible’ and constantly under verbal attack. I am so sorry that Christopher, Damon, and other gay people are still having to fight for the right to be invisible – just one of the crowd. Please keep fighting!

  53. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t walk through any park at that time. The streets of every city are dangerous in the early hours of mornings.
    I would’ve taken a taxi, or kept to brightly lit main streets.

  54. Laura Preble 21 May 2013, 1:10am

    Hi Chris- I want to add my outrage and sympathy for what happened to you. Many of us support you and are working for a better world for everyone.

  55. Giving you a great big hug from Norway!
    This is revolting behaviour. I’m afraid there will always be idiots trying to hold us down, luckily the majority won’t.

    Much love xxx

  56. Sad news to read, coming from across the pond. What a nasty way to round off what was a perfect night, a birthday night. Stay strong Mr. Bryant and Mr. Truluck. The laws in London need to be toughter, especially against the ones who lash out at innocent gay folk. Is this not the new millenium? Are humans suppose to evolve? I guess those standing in line to evolve, got bored waiting. There will always be homophobes, regardless. It is a fact of our livelyhood. The laws need to change and get tougher on those who enjoy violating anyone physically in the LGBT community. Once the law changes, there’ll be less homophobic attacks, providing the law is so strict, others will think twice. All it takes is 1 conviction with a stern penalty. I pray this happens soon for all LGBT folks in London. Reading from afar in London Ontario, Canada.

  57. Kirsty Murray-Lambrou 22 May 2013, 9:22am

    Chris, they (thugs) ae just jealous that you have someone who loves you. Pity them. You are loved.xx

  58. Jeanine Greer 22 May 2013, 9:27am

    This is unforgivable behavior, period! I live in the US and we have “gay-bashers” here, too. Will all this “hate” ever stop? I hope this sweet couple recovers quickly, not only physically, but psychologically, as well. This is a horrible traumatic experience for them. Love & peace. Jeanine Greer

  59. The photo is photoshopped! Im sorry Im gay and all, but this is a fake story!

    1. Midnighter 25 May 2013, 9:55pm

      If someone wanted to fake this pic convincingly it would be a damned sight easier to throw fake blood (bought or home made) over yourself than to create the equivalent in photoshop, which would take hours of work and still risk living a clue behind.

      Incompetent as the police can be, presumably they might have noticed the lack of bruising and blood on the alleged vicitm.

      So a better troll would have been at least based in a somewhat plausable premise.

      Nice touch to fit in with the “I’m gay and all” though, but honestly I don’t think you are cut out for this lark.

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