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Conservative Grassroots warn party to drop equal marriage or ‘change leadership’

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  1. I’m going to ramble more than comment, I guess my mind is reflecting the mess that the Conservative party find themselves in.

    I’m not a fan of Cameron, but am a fan of the Tories even less, so is the country judging by the polls, he popularity rating is higher than that of his party. The backbenchers seem to have forgotten or ignoring that fact in the panic created by UKIP and Europe.

    Cameron’s finished there will no doubt be a leadership contest soon. He has 80%+ of his MP’s have rebelled just a couple of years into his tenure. A lame duck.

    He’s tried to be noble or tried to do a good PR job on detoxifying the Nasty Party, but the nasties wont let him.

    I have to admit, I’m not sure how far the legal marriage bill has to go, but I will be so saddened if it gets booted out with Cameron.

    1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2013, 12:10pm

      I must admit the way the Tory Backbenchers are behaving you do have to wonder if they want a chance at the next general election.

      It’s just too convenient to blame negative, false stories to back their claims.

  2. “Conservative Grassroots” was formed by the C4M/Christian Institute. It has no real-world existence: it’s merely a group of low-grade, mainly elderly, embittered old Tories, most of whom no longer have any official position within the party.

    This bunch of a-holes pulled exactly the same stunt just before Second Reading. It got them nowhere then, and it’ll be the same story tomorrow.

  3. Jane McQueen 19 May 2013, 10:55am

    Wow a whole 30 out of the +650, that’s a massive amount.

    He would be very silly to drop this, it has not only a massive amount of support in parliament, but also a lot of public support.

  4. Nobody is listening. This will be made into law and hopefully this will give all these old Tories a heart attack and die!

  5. ‘conservative grassroots’ blame all the governments problems on equal marriage rather than the economy, unemployment, immigration, the NHS, education, tax, the EU, etc etc. How blind and bigoted of them.

  6. bobbleobble 19 May 2013, 11:00am

    They are deluded if they think the only reason they’re losing votes is because of same sex marriage.

  7. From my perspective Grassroots Conservatives are missing the point.
    The voters which UKIP are creaming off are almost all bigots and reactionaries.
    UKIP only won one seat in the local elections in spite of their other gains. A successful protest vote at best.
    Once their true colours come shining through they’re all set to become the next nasty party.
    Those who nod in agreement with Farage and co are a dying breed of old reactionaries, who have maybe a couple of decades left in them.
    Placating them now would be electoral suicide down the road.
    Remember that 75% of voters didn’t vote UKIP with good reason.
    It reminds me of when Ratzinger attempted to win over C of E defectors and someone did a cartoon of him on the steps of St Peters holding a sign that read “Reactionary, dogmatic, homophobic, misogynist Anglicans – have we got a religion for you!”

  8. It looks as if the nasty party is re-emerging

    1. It never really went away

    2. If they force this bill out, I would love to see the looks on their faces when a Labour led government introduces marriage law to the UK.

  9. The YOUGOV poll out today shows

    “7% of voters cite same sex marriage as one of the three or four most important issues in deciding how to vote in the next election”

    The swivel eyed grassrooters need to get their facts right and calm down a bit, the next general election isn’t until 2015!

  10. The Tories are toast, and they deserve it, they’ve done it to themselves, and much of it is simply their austerity plans are hurting people badly, they aren’t reducing the deficit, they’re expensive stupid stuff like HS2 and Trident, when we don’t need or want either, and SSM is just being used to deflect from all the main issues. BUT, the attitude of half the Tory party to SSM leave nobody in any doubt that half the Tory MP are nasty and anti-gay, and thus there should not be anybody who is gay who should vote for them, let alone UKIP. Even if you only vote Labour, LibDem or Green next election, or don’t vote, that is preferably than voting for a party where there are so many homophobes. Give them a kicking.

  11. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2013, 12:05pm

    Nonsense. Most people either support or support but don’t really care what happens.

    Those deniers are a minority but like I said before David Cameron’s position is clear, be a nobody by supporting these assuming bigots or carry on and have you place in history.

    It’s too late now anyway as what these bigots are really doing is ignoring the fact that the majority support this and the majority in the Common did too.

    They seek to disrupt democracy but they need to learn, we do not live in a religious dictatorship.

  12. Pathetic – closed minded bigoted haters of anyone who is in anyway different from themselves – Outlaw Hatred and imprison all these Tory A holes!

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 19 May 2013, 1:16pm

    Amazing, a small group of bigoted people trying to hold the government ransom and issuing threats. In another time, they’d have been sent to the Tower.

  14. Are “Conservative Grassroots” right?

    Well, my partner and I had two pairs of heterosexual Tories to dinner a week ago, and it was clear that ONE of the four was vehemently against Equal Marriage, but the other THREE were willing to accept it.

    I think this reflects the wider reality. There is a group of “swivel-eyed loons” who will punish the Tory leadership for Marriage Equality, but the vast majority of Conservatives are not that bothered.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 May 2013, 3:40pm

      Last year in an Ipsos poll, 53% of Conservatives said they support EM, an identical percentage of supporters who participated in the Consultation. It would have been far higher if people had bothered to take the time to fill it in, probably would have made it to the mid 60 percentile, but still a positive result either way. This bill is going foward whether the loons like it or not.

  15. The tories need to remember with things like same-sex marriage that for every one of their own hardline supporters they upset, there are about 10 floating voters to whom they become vastly more palatable.

  16. F**k off UKIP.
    Civilized society doesn’t need you. Never has. Never will.

  17. Still, underneath it all, The Nasty Party.

  18. Being American I don’t always know the nuances and being in America don’t have a close to the ground political ear, but it seems to me the Tories are pretty well screwed whatever they do. If they go ahead the lose support from a large part of the party’s base (though in a few years to a decade they’ll be glad they did as they become viable for young people). If they drop equal marriage, they’ll look like bigots and fools and lost the support of a large part of their base as well as the country.

    Cameron will be remembered as a hero for his position. Whether he will still be in office or in a Party Leadership position is hard to say.

    But you guys are nothing at internecine warfare. The Republicans alternately tear themselves apart by attacking each other viciously for proposing change, or by sticking to their sleazy old white man politics that have failed and will die in the near future.


    1. (cont). Now they are holding up all legislation and appointments, harping about Benghazi, about the IRS, about the damned umbrella (and someone found a photo of Sarah Palin being umbrellaed)…

      ….and Obama’s popularity is up 2 points this week.

  19. Sounds like the chap who described Tory backbenchers as “swivel-eyed loons” was spot on!

  20. These idiots don’t realise how much they are hurting their own party in the long run. Cameron is pulling the party kicking and screaming into the 21st century because he realises that society is progressing… unlike ‘Conservative grassroots’… who are quite literally dying out.

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