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China: IDAHOT activists detained in two cities

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  1. I don’t think this is anything to be concerned about. China is quite (surprisingly to me) welcoming of the LGBT community, considering how reserved they are, especially in the more urban areas.

    My partner is Chinese, travels back and forth regularly and he tells me he’s as out as can be in his home city, always has been, and no eyelid was batted.

  2. China never fails to dissapoint. Just look at the Cultural genicide in Tibet – a country they just invaded and annected:

  3. They got detained, then released. We don’t even know the full story. Anyway, China is doing a good job for LGBT people.
    Hopefully they will legalize gay marriage within a few years. Yes, not everyone is LGBT friendly but the government isn’t really a democracy AND there is no religious opposition. The government will legalize it and almost no one shall bat an eyelid. That is my prediction.

  4. China is not homophobic, since when? There IS rapid growth of Christianity in China, and traditional Confucius-ism is just as dogmatic, misogynistic and homophobic. Chinese view on gay rights will be where Japan is today–the silent, “peaceful” mistreatment by the majority.

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