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Archbishop of Canterbury endorses Church’s opposition to opposite-sex civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Hey, thanks Bish. That’s exactly what we wanted to hear from the Church. Should shut Loughton and Burrowes up for a bit.

    1. Unfortuntely it hasn’t, Loughton has got the anti SSM polling agency Comres to just publish a poll saying how everyone is desperate to have straight CPs. Hope the lib dem and labour MPs vote the straight CP wrecking amendment down in the next 2 days otherwise I’m giving up any faith in any mp in any party and setting up my own party or easier still moving to France!

      1. Oh for the love of…

        I swear, the UK is the only country that has been debating the issue for so bloody long, and whose Dark Age MPs are putting up such a damn fight when it is on the agenda, finding every little thing they can to destroy it, despite the public majority support. Some countries have had their referendums, discussions and made it law in the time it’s taken for us to get this far.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 May 2013, 7:12pm

        Well, we know how devious Comres can be in its polling m.o. It gathers signatures from people like the C4M fraudsters who often use several different email aliases and bogus postal addresses. Every signature they gather can be multiplied 5 to 7 or even 10 times depending on the internet provider one uses. AOL for example allows 7 different names under one account. C4M’s petition I might add allowed foreigners living overseas to sign it. It’s not difficult to invent a UK postal addresss either posing as a British citizen.

        I find it revealing that Loughton says people are clamouring for them but i’ve not seen any evidence of that by readers of the Mail and Telegraph in the comments section over the past year. 53% of the public completed the consultation form in support of equal marriage, but of course, nobody said they were clamouring for equal marriage were they?

        Loughton is a religious loon and I’m thrilled Welby has done an about turn on this one. He’s doing us a favour.

    2. You must be less cynical than me. For many bigots religion is just useful camouflage. It’s cynically used to justify what they do and say.

  2. There’s a clue in the name “civil partnership”. Civil ceremonies are none of the church’s notice and these turbulent priests need to start minding their own business.

    1. Spot on. I’m no fan of Henry II, but I begin to see his virtues.

  3. what a “c u next tuesday” totally self serving. Jesus would love him , but he loved everyone, too bad his Arch Bishop of Canterbury doesn’t live up to the son of God’s tradition

  4. I find it hard to get too agitated by people behaving in a totally predictable manner.

    Fortunately, the ABoC’s opinions on civil partnerships are easy enough to ignore.

  5. Dude, of course you’re confused about the status of marriage in society, your church was founded because a guy wanted a divorce.

    Also, equality isn’t an abstract concept, you dipsh*t. It is a necessity.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 19 May 2013, 7:16pm

    The reason why Loughton wants CPs for heteros is to make these unions so commonplace to deter equal marriage ever becoming acceptable even if it means giving straights more rights than gays since he probably assumes the bill will fail in the Lords. It’s a win-win for him in his sick, delusional mind and for the rest of the religious loons he represents.. It’s a political move to defeat equal marriage, but it won’t work, I guarantee it.

  7. Of course he would not support civil partnerships of heteros as he considers it to be living in sin!(fornication) God says so and recommends marriage as a solution to this sin of fornication! some one should point out the obvious to his grace – why would he then endorse living in sin for same sex couples??? Does he not know that he is shepard over British souls?? Ask him if he thinks that same sex sex if fornication..are same sex couples sinning when they have sex??He wont be able to answer as the answer is yes and the way to deal with the sin of fornication is marriage!
    Every one that comments on this page should email Lambeth palace (Archbishop’s office)and ask him plainly and see him squirm

    1. sorry * if he thinks same sex sex IS sin…

  8. Looks, lets just introduce it and then lets see if the fears you keep bandying on about will be realised!

  9. What an ugly man in every conievabke way is Archbishop Welby.

    1. Conceivable rather.

    2. Ugly not only spiritually but also mentally and physically… IMO

  10. The C of E is worried about “further confusion about the place of marriage in society”, and their solution to this is to repeatedly change their position on a single piece of marriage legislation over the course of a few months? I really don’t understand how we haven’t disestablished the church yet – they seem to have been intentionally painting themselves as confused and anachronistic at every possible opportunity for decades now.

    1. A win Germany 19 May 2013, 9:48pm

      What a clown this chap is.

  11. Funny. One minute Bigot Loughton is complaining that the government’s rushed into marriage equality despite the longest ever consultation. The next minute he’s proposing an amendment for civil partnership equality despite no consultation with anyone.

    And bizarrely, he then intends to vote against the bill.

    Cynical or what?

  12. I read the headline. I did not read the story. I’m fed up to the teeth with reading the ‘stories’. My reaction from Canada is this …. who gives a s**t. I am so damned tired of the to-ing and fro-ing of various members of the CofE hierachy that, if I wasn’t gainfully employed (not as a priest …. so call me a hypocrite!) in one of its outposts I’d never darken the door of one. If I was the ABofC I’d be more concerned about
    “further confusion about the place of the Church of England in society”

  13. James DuPlessis 20 May 2013, 7:03am

    your Church is a hypocacy,

  14. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2013, 11:44am

    Here we go again… the Church deciding for everyone else coz people can’t think for themselves.

    What tosh…. wish the church would finally butt out!

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