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Georgia: Prime Minister denounces violence against IDAHOT rally

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Reader comments

  1. Well, I suppose it’s something that the head of the Georgian government makes an unequivocal statement like this – certainly it’s some way better than what some of his neighbours’ executives have said.

    But now let’s see what measures, if any, are taken against the anti-gay rioters.

  2. Well said. How can any country that claims any sort of democracy deny the right of peaceful demonstration?

  3. This means nothing while he allows religious extremists to continue to preach hatred and cause violence.

    The “Orthodox Christians” are religious extremsist, no different to the Taliban. In a democratic society this kind of thing is not acceptable and the government has to act to stop it.

    The fact that this happened shows that the religious fanatics, the police and other authorities have no interest in real democracy and freedom.

    They are just as bigoted and hateful as those religious freaks and have allowed this violence to take place.

    Georgia is known as one of the most corrupt countries in the Baltic region, with mafia and cartels controlling everything – under the guise of religion and government.

    Nothing will change unless action is seen to be taken against the religious extremists.

  4. Arresting some of the violent protestors would be a good idea.

  5. Well done for the Prime Minister. A pair of bollocks. Very bad for the orthodox church, not christian at all.

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