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US: Mixed martial arts fighter suspended for tweeting the word ‘fag’

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Reader comments

  1. Ah, yes, it’s not homophobic, just a bit misogynistic, totally acceptable.

  2. I’m sorry, I just don’t believe this at all, this must be completely wrong…

    That guy in the photo can write?


  3. Robert White 17 May 2013, 9:15pm

    Trying to stamp out words is futile. I read something like this and get the gut-wrenching feeling that the focus is all wrong.

    First: why jump the first guy for pot. Seriously. It’s pot and pot is less than alcohol.

    Second: As long as being homosexual is considered a bad thing it doesn’t matter what word games we play. We’ve seen the sutpidity of political correctness play out as giant fail with the various handicapt->handy-capable->differently-abled endless dance. So too the Idiot->retarded->Challenged chain of _medical_ terms became “mean”.

    The “mean” isn’t in the words, its in the people.

    Acting all surprised when a guy payed to enact a macho stereotype gets all stereotpycally macho is lunacy.

    The correct response is “That’s _Mister_ Fag to you buddy.”

    We are just not that dellicate.

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