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Turkey urged to broadcast Eurovision following TV station cancellation over lesbian kiss

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Reader comments

  1. Turkey is sadly becoming more extremist and Islamic and abandoning it’s secular constitution. I can see it becoming like Egypt soon. No way should this country join the EU .

    1. GingerlyColors 18 May 2013, 10:40pm

      I fear that Turkey could even end up like neighbouring Iran one day. I don’t think that EU membership is a panacea for all of Turkey’s problems – just look where it is getting us and the EU debate has even reached these pages particularly when UKIP gets mentioned here.
      Turkey is a member of the Council of Europe and is bound by the European Court of Human Rights but could easily leave their jurisdiction. Turkey should readdress the balance by forcing Northern Cyprus to decriminalize gay sex.

  2. It is simple – if they want to be seen as part of mainstream Europe they must embrace European freedoms. If they refuse to broadcast then block them from the contest. Narrow minded religious views in one country must not be allowed to control what we watch

    1. I read that the kiss is to be dropped from the final as Eurovision were terrified it may upset Islamic/Christian sensitivities and the kiss is seen as too radical and crazy.

  3. Why won’t Eurovision show two men kissing instead of two women? It appears to be homophobic towards male-male kisses.

    Eurovision seems to avoid showing two men kissing. Two women kissing titillates straight guys and is not a sign of progress.

  4. Out of support, this petition should be taken offline.

    Eurovision rules are very clear: nothing political of any kind. By gathering 30 000 signatures on a political website, we prove that Krista’s performance is seen as a political act.

    So far the EBU have let this one slide, so let’s let sleeping dogs lie.

    1. disagree, it is eurovision organizers that dabble in politics by censuring the kiss in order to appease homophobic states

    2. Who decides what is political and what isn’t? In the 1950’s Elvis was banned because of his dance moves, is that political? What if Turkey decided to ban the broadcast because it includes people of other faiths? What if they banned it because there was an interracial couple kissing?

      What one person might think is political, others might think is not a big deal. In homophobic Russia they think a law allowing gay people to be open is political, but throughout Europe we are free to be open.

      So, who’s “politics” are we able to accept, and who’s should be silenced?

      The EBU is a naive organization that doesn’t seem to even understand the basic meaning of “political”.

      As Skunk Anansie said “Yes it’s fu*king political, everything’s political!”

  5. just signed the All Out’s petition, shame its message facility is limited to 200 characters only

    ‘Majority of songs preformed at Eurovision are about love so it would be rather hypocritical to censure simple kiss and even more so if the reason for the censure would be down to nature of the kiss

  6. Keith,/,.. 18 May 2013, 2:07pm

    When you have crap music, why not disguise it with some stage managed deviance..

  7. LOL doesnt the human rights groups have more important issues to look at than what goes on at the Eurovision song contest ? what a JOKE !

    1. Keith,/,,, 18 May 2013, 5:11pm

      Yes, like making sure men dressed in womens clothes are allowed access to womens toilets where there are vulnerable real women and children.

  8. Suleyman Melikoglu 18 May 2013, 5:48pm

    TRT stated that they’re not going to participate due to the recent change of rules and regulations. Turkey thinks that the new rules are unfair and some European countries participate directly without the pre-selection and televoting decreased to 50%.

    I can’t believe who starts this rumor. I think All Out should do their homework better and not to become ridiculous.

  9. GingerlyColors 18 May 2013, 10:33pm

    Pity that the country that is named after Christmas Dinner is not screening the Eurovision Song Contest because they missed out on not one but TWO same sex kisses. As well as Krista Siegfrids’s kiss at the end of her performance, two men kissed during the Swedish Smorgasbord which was performed as the votes were counted. Now that would have got some Turks into a real stooshie!

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