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National AIDS Trust: ‘Passing equal marriage will help in the fight against the UK’s HIV epidemic’

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Reader comments

  1. Allowing us to marry will encourage monogamy and the benefits of such.

  2. Indeed, well said, NAT: “the message that same-sex relationships aren’t equal to opposite sex couples . . . leads to low self esteem and internalised stigma amongst many gay men. Low self esteem is proven to have an impact on the way people look after themselves and make decisions about their health and well-being.”

    All you need to do now, NAT, is campaign against those sex industries that lure gay men with poor self-esteem into places of drink, drugs, and back-room sex, where the risk of contracting STDs is significantly raised.

    1. All you need to do, Eddy, is to provide whatever financial support you can to NAT to help them do it.

      NAT are a great bunch and well worthy of support.


      1. How much financial support though? Enough for them to pay all those greedy and unscrupulous sex industries to close up shop? I don’t think I, you, or any of us could supply that amount. So money cannot be the way that such industries are controlled.

  3. Of all the good reasons I’ve heard for equal marriage rights this is the flimsiest, a kind of mental short-circuit. Being able to get married will not automatically bring to social acceptance and absence of bullying, as well as these won’t automatically result in different sexual behaviour, as well as the latter automatically result in safer practices and lower infection rates. We are facing whole generations unaware of STIs, older generations fed up of the demonization of sex slipping back in a too-relaxed approach, we live in one of the Countries with the lowest rate of routine HIV testing even among gay men: how do you expect marriage to sort all this out? Oh, one more thing to mention: what about all those gays who don’t want to get married, who may be happy as single or rather in less conventional relationships such as “poly”… Are we all going to be either normalized or discriminated in a few years’ time?… Sorry but this is not the answer: it is just one of the many human righ

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