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Georgia: IDAHOT rally attacked by thousands of violent protesters

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Reader comments

  1. It is very clear who is promoting homophobia and hate: RELIGION. It’s a shame to see young people being indoctrinated into violence and murder by people who supposedly preach love.

    1. Agreed. The Eastern Orthodox Church in all of its variations (Russian, Serbian, Georgian, Greek, Ukrainian, et al) should be branded as a terrorist organization and investigated. There is nothing Christ-like in such church sponsored terrorism.

      1. Its shameful these terrorist hide behind God’s Word. Especially since they obviously have no real understanding of it.

        1. “god’s word” who is god? do you speak to this god person on facebook? is that how you know the word?

      2. Joseph

        the greek orthodox church may be in general against homosexuality, but they are far from organising violent protests or even endorsing them. Some bishops are over-reacting yes, but greek law abides to EU law. Which is not the case in all the other countries you mentioned (Serbia, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine). Just for the record..

        1. Greek Orthodox priests have been seen at neo-fascist Golden Dawn demonstrations, leading prayers and giving their support. They could not otherwise do so, if the church did not otherwise permit it. Members of Golden Dawn have been involved in numerous incidents involving immigrants and LGBTs. There has been no strong statement issued from the Archbishop of Athens against homophobia and against the platform of Golden Dawn. Perhaps we’ll all be pleasantly surprised when we see members of Greek clergy (and perhaps the Archbishop himself) marching in Gay Pride celebrations in Athens and Thessaloniki later this year.

  2. Christopher Kay 17 May 2013, 4:50pm

    Have you seen the disgusting comments on this YouTube video of it?

    1. Christopher Kay 17 May 2013, 4:54pm

      I tell you, if I’d been driving one of those vans, I’d have driven straight through the crowd of f*cktards.

    2. hmm, my particular favourite is by DJKeens: “God will see to these violent devils who twist His Word. You will hurt and kill in this life and discover when you meet God that you were blinded by the devil.” Obviously mr keens’ is missing a few sandwiches – no regard for those who don’t worship/acknowledge(!) his sacred fable-god of yesteryear or the ying/yan devil man…

    3. I’m glad I couldn’t read most of the comments in a language I don’t know, but found the images shocking. Imagine those poor people in the van, they must have been absolutely terrified. I really really don’t understand so much agression. I can understand a different opinion (although I might find it a stupid one), but this violent hatred, I just don’t get it. I wish we could do something to support the gay activists over there!

  3. The mob reportedly shouted: “Where are they? Don’t let them leave alive!”
    “Drag them out, stomp them to death,” shouted the pursuing demonstrators

    Absolutely charming. I’m guessing the law wont properly respond to what went on there.

    Stay strong Georgia.

  4. christian scum.

  5. Julian Morrison 17 May 2013, 7:36pm

    Next time you march, bring a baseball bat. Painted in rainbow colors.

  6. Saw this on the euronews as usual nothing of this on the homophobic bbc or even anything to mark the day itself.

  7. As grim as the situation is, you gotta give props to the police for protecting them at least.

  8. Ain’t religion just wonderful. Practice your hatred and hostility, and say you’re doing it in some god’s name. What a crock. Hateful people looking for an excuse to hate.

  9. Religion.

  10. Savage and primitive.

  11. *crying*

    Religious prejudice, slavery, imperialism, now Homophobia………all of these things do ONE thing: Spawn and Glorify Hatred of fellow beings, Human and Animal.

    May all of humanity rot in hell, for we all are inevitably promoting Something of each of these, through ignorance or support of bigotry.

    LGBT’s are NO different then any other human – its only their biochemistry that defines them as different! And we all have an INDIVIDUAL biochemistry.

  12. It just goes to show the diminished mental capacity of these bigots; when they run out of reasons as to why being homosexual or trans is wrong, they turn to the only other thing their tiny minds can process: violence.
    It is disgusting that religion teaches love and acceptance yet so many use it as justification for violence.

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