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Video: Finland’s pro-equal marriage Eurovision entrant stages lesbian kiss and gets into final

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Reader comments

  1. weird lyrics

  2. Great move by the Finnish entrants – and one in the eye for those homophobic government’s in Europe who still won’t assent to equal marriage!

    One thing that concerns me about this year’s contest though is just why the eurovision jury felt the need to veto the act that the Swedish people voted for and replaced it with something less transgendered?

    1. The “Eurovision” jury didn’t vote in Sweden’s national final. Just as in every Melidofestivalen final a small selection of international juries gave votes. And as you intimate, overall they favoured ‘You’ over Yohio’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, unlike the Swedish voting public. But they voted at the exact same time, they didn’t “veto” anything. Personally, I much preferred Yohio’s song but unlike you I don’t see an evil homophobic/transphobic conspiracy at work. Such is the nature of the beast the Swedes created.

  3. “Love shine the light…”

  4. Helge Vladimir Tiller 17 May 2013, 10:00am

    Dear Finland, Thank You so much ! So many gay, lesbians and transgender people have performed in Grand Prix over the years , (—and written the lyrics) that EBU should be extremely greatful to us all ! WE ! are still severely suppressed in many countries in Europe. Without LGBT-persons G. P. would not exist ! ( H. V. T.–Norway )

  5. You go girls !!!

    1. When two men kiss, that’s true progress. Two women kissing is NOT progress at all.

      1. Didn’t two guys kiss on the show during the campy number by the Swedish host?

  6. GingerlyColors 17 May 2013, 11:38am

    I have only watched the first Semi-Final so far, having downloaded it off BBC I-Player. At the moment my shirt is on either Denmark and Ireland, although I should say it is off for the latter!
    All the ex-USSR countries that took part on Tuesday qualified so I fear that bloc voting will mean the Eurovision crown could end up going to one the less LGBT friendly eastern countries.
    However non of the former Yugoslav countries qualified.
    Bonnie Tyler looks a bit more promising for the UK than our recent entries but do not be surprised if it ends up Royame Uni nil points again.
    Perhaps we should roll out John Barrowman for Eurovision 2014 if Bonnie fails this year.
    I am just going to download last night’s semi-final now.

  7. Il be happy if Germany :D, Finland or Ireland wins
    But i really want Germany and Cascada to win :D

    Oh the Irish guy Ryan Dolan is so so hot !! :D

  8. I bet that got viewer complaints from the stupid Russian bigots.

  9. For the record, contrary to what is said in the article, the Finnish petition (actually a people’s legislative initiative) for equal marriage has not yet been delivered to the parliament (and certainly not by pensioners, it should read petitioners). So far it has gathered over 150,000 signatures and will be delivered to the parliament in the autumn.

    The law committee that blocked the marriage equality won’t have the political balls to prevent the initiative from reaching the plenary session of the parliament, meaning that is will get an up-or-down vote and likely becomes law.

  10. Great that this is in the final but so is Belarus, Russia, georgia, ukraine and some other primitive places.

  11. Krista Siegfrids appears to be a fake. I think the purpose of her kissing another woman was to titillate sleazy straight guys and not to help the gay rights cause.

    Why doesn’t she allow two men to kiss on the stage? Why won’t the Eurovision organizers allow it?

  12. Why won’t Eurovision organizers show two men kissing on the stage? If they allow two women to kiss but not two men, they are still being homophobic.

    As for Krista Siegfrids, she’s a straight woman who appears to be kissing another woman for the benefit of sexist and homophobic straight guys. Don’t like her.

  13. Ricardo Duarte 18 May 2013, 11:56am

    The Faroe Isands belong to Denmark not Finland.

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