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Comment: LGBT rights in Europe: La vie en rose?

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  1. hello Cutie!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 17 May 2013, 4:09pm

    Lovely young man. Heartening to know the younger generation are carrying the torch for equality across the EU, the ones who’ve been the most supportive of equal marriage too.

  3. Interestingly he misses a big point: harmonisation of the various rights throughout Europe. More specifically, there are bilateral treaties recognising people married in one country as married in another country. But is was done for heterosexual marriages and is done on a bilateral basis. With some countries having civil unions, other partnership and other marriages, Europe is in a mess. As an example, a few years ago, Belgium which accepts same-sex marriages didn’t recognise English civil partnerships at all.
    Today they do, but again this is each time on a country by country basis. Will civil partnerships be recognised as marriage in France or will it be the less interesting PACS, or nothing?. And I could go on like this with each bilateral possible combination. If this gentleman is looking for some useful work, I suggest he spends some of his energy on that.

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