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Comment: Dear Philip Hammond, equal marriage might upset people, but it is worth it for equality

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Reader comments

  1. I saw Tim Loughton on the Daily Politics today in which he stated that he vehemently believes in equality-which is why he is tabling an amendment to extend Civil Partnerships to straight couple. At the same time-he is against marriage for gay couples!! How is this equality?

    The amendment is being tabled on Monday with the prime intention of wrecking the same-sex marriage legislation in the House of Lords on June 3rd. Can I urge everyone on here to e mail their MP asking them to vote against this amendment?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 May 2013, 8:15pm

      I’d be very surprised if his disingenuous amendment ever made it through Parliament. He’s never echoed support for straight CPs until now. I think that would be rather obvious to the majority voting for equal marriage. It’s become a convenient tool for Loughton but I think the majority voting ifor equal marriage will see right through it. Plus, Maria Miller has sort of deflated it by announcing a review of CPs at a later date. I’m hoping people such as Chris Bryant nail him as he did Hammond yesterday.

      I know that the Liberal Democratic party supports CPs for straights i addition to equal marriage, but what astonishes me is that openly gay LibDem MP Stephen Hall is one of the six supporters of the amendment. Does he not realise what he’s doing by giving any credibility to Loughton’s spurious m.o? It’s absolutely shameful. Loughton is doing it to sew division and influence the outcome in the Lords some of whom may use it themselves.

  2. Equal marriage upsets people

    yes, bigots.

    Just as equal rights for women upsets misogynists and equal rights for POC upsets racists.

    If you are upsetting bigotry that is a sign you are doing things right. If you are making bigots happy then you are doing something wrong

  3. Very well written – I darent put down my opinion here, I feel so incensed at Hammonds mealy mouthed homophobia and bigotry and deceptive hypocracy.

    BBC News 24 rose to the task of yet again offering a one sided non-challemging on the facts report.
    Very calm and to the point complaint intimated to the corporation on lack of challenge to inaccurate facts, bias, lack of balance, no mention of Hammonds actual past track record on gay issues – again!
    No doubt I’ll get the same rubbish in reply as last time – wonder how many complaints they got, because a few hours later they seemed to up their game a bit. Still no excuse for the earlier report though, not like its the firt time they have done this.

    1. Yes, they were repeating the story throughout the day. Eventually they decided to allow Peter Tatchell to have a say, but then they added Peter Bone into the equation – i.e 2 against 1

      Here is that broadcast at 5.35pm –

      1. My tweet to Jane Hill about continual BBC coverage of this non news

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 17 May 2013, 8:05pm

    As Chris Bryant pointed out, there were 23 LGBT related issues. Hammond voted against 12 and was absent from 11 meaning he hasn’t supported one piece of LGBT legislation and he’s not homophobic? I bet he has gay friends too, not!

  5. “It is beyond doubt that for many, the move towards marriage equality is an upsetting development.”

    I don’t agree at all. Personally I doubt very much that many are upset at all. It just seems to me that this Bill has given licence for a great deal of gratuitous homophobia.

    In my opinion they’re loving every moment of it.

  6. .....Paddyswurds 17 May 2013, 9:28pm

    Mr Hammond, nothing new about your assertion. Wilberforce made people so angry he got death threats but he persisted until slavery was abolished.

  7. Chris Bryant’s devastating put-down of Philip Hammond record was absolutely classic !

    1. So it’s very curious that the BBC haven’t shown it on the news. Looks, to me, like they support Mr Hammond.

      1. They certainly do !

        It was noticeable that immediately after Chris Bryant’s put-down, David Dimbleby specifically went out of his way to solicit audience comments supporting Philip Hammond. (starts at 38:00.)

  8. “no huge demand”‘ and “upsets a lot of people”. This was also said about Lincoln’s emancipation of slaves in America. The issue of equality and justice is not a simple matter of satisfying a demand or pleasing people.

  9. What kind of (straight) marriage do you have if some men or women getting hitched in some other part of the country is going to have a major impact on yours? What really bothers me, is that these bigots give the world their sound-bites and they’re not even questioned any further.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 18 May 2013, 1:18pm

      It’s because the bigots are the loudest, better organised, motivated, mobliised and adequately funded. No apathy or complacency on their part. That’s why we don’t hear much from supporters in the media and LGBT people just aren’t pro-active enough. Contrast that with our American counterparts, grassroots campaigning among gay and straight allies has been crucial in getting it passed into law in a much shorter period of time. There is better t.v. coverage there which gives far better and balanced programming with the exception of Fox news which could be compared to the BBC in this regard, catering to right wing conservative loons.

  10. I would like to apologise to the person who said here yesterday that they thought the BBC was being “mischievous” with regard to Hammond’s statement. I disagreed. However, on BBC News at Ten last night I saw that indeed the BBC was being very very mischievous with this story! I was wrong.

    Hammond had no idea he would be asked for his opinion on “gay marriage” on QuestionTime on Thursday night. But the question was asked and he answered it as he did.

    The BBC yesterday put out the impression that Hammond had “made a statement” against “gay marriage”, as if it had been a deliberated planned strategy on his part, against Cameron!

    Furthermore, the BBC supported this mischief with a clip of Hammond’s QT statement but did NOT also show that every other member of the panel was FOR gay marriage, and that the majority of the audience was as well!

    So that was definitely the BBC up to mischief. And that suggests political motivations. Yet they ought NOT to have any!

    Report it!

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 May 2013, 12:34pm

      The BBC only ever report on Marriage Equality when it’s done for the negative gain, esp on terrestrial tv.

  11. Jock S. Trap 18 May 2013, 12:32pm

    To some degree yes but it’s not like it’s a majority as the majority support this bill.

    Is it worth upsetting a minority, yes because that said minority will Never be happy with equality. If they wish to stay behind let them but I don’t see why they should drag down the rest of us decent people with them.

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