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Rapper Macklemore speaks out about writing pro-equal marriage anthem

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  1. My straight co-worker told me about it and I immediately watched and posted it to my FB account. The song is beautiful. The video is tasteful and does a great job of showing the couples love and devotion.

  2. What a legend.

  3. We need more music stars like him in this country , who actually have evolved views rather than the airheads off sh*t factor or that other thing with hollow willowby.

  4. What a brilliant song. So glad to see someone with genuine talent like Macklemore tackling this subject. What a legend.

  5. Is it me or is he quite fit?

    1. He’s hot and smart.

  6. Lion in Winter 16 May 2013, 4:54pm

    I suppose this is ok for today’s youth, and that’s who it’s intended for, but I remember that not so long ago the term “gay anthem” meant a song that had discernible melody and had a certain memorability.

    Back to Donna Summer, Barbra Streisand and Miquel Brown…

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