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Birmingham: LGBT sports centre to be opened by naked charity calendar stars Warwick Rowers

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Reader comments

  1. What’s to discuss, other than: how do I get one here in the US?

    1. Naked Rowers 18 May 2013, 7:15pm

      Follow us @naked_rowers for news and updates on the release of our 2014 calendar and which we will be shooting in June and much more!

  2. Colin (London) 15 May 2013, 11:16pm

    Don’t you just love this. Congratulations to everyone involved from the idea to delivery and the sexy men for stripping.

    I have tears in my eye at just how far we have come. For all the crap going on in the world changes like this allow bigger changes. One day we will all share the world not fight for it.

    Keep it going folks. I just admire the younger generation.

  3. Those boys are beautiful, sorry to be so basic but, yum.

  4. well f me it’s like the pierelli calendar in the mechanics.

    Some gay men don’t drool over naked men ffs. Grow up

    1. Well what on earth is the matter with you then? I thought you were gay, not asexual? Not that there’s anything wrong with being asexual.

  5. F**king morons. These imbeciles perpetuate the idea that homosexuality is all about sex and pleasure. No wonder so many people say that gays are all hedonistic and are obsessed with youth and physical beauty. Sometimes I wonder… This is the sort of behaviour that drives those Christian loonines, not to mention ordinary people who believe instinctively that nudity should be confined to the bedroom.

    1. Oh bog off, puritan. The naked form is beautiful, I don’t give a crap what some sex negative, prudish, religiously indoctrinated nutter thinks of me. They’re all hypocrites anyway… as if they’ve never found naked young men or women hot…

    2. Oh good grief, lighten up. If anybody is stupid enough to say that finding fit young bodies attractive is restricted to gay men they’re really not worth bothering about.

      It’s a good thing the ordinary people of renaissance Florence, among other places and times, didn’t believe “instinctively” that nudity should be confined to the bedroom.

  6. “we’ve had to censor their shots though!”

    What sort of bigotry is that?

    (Even on the uncensored, there’s not much to see… )

  7. Naked Rowers 18 May 2013, 7:13pm

    Guys you can follow us on twitter @naked_rowers for all the latest on our 2014 campaign and calendar.

  8. very Hot Hot

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