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Ukraine: Parliament drops gay anti-discrimination bill as hundreds protest against it

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Reader comments

  1. 300 and they scrap a law? They are definitely NOT ready to join the EU. But, no surprise being so close to Russia.

  2. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2013, 4:19pm


    If they took the advice because of 300 people it means they just needed any excuse.

    Fact is if they expect all to pay taxes they need to protect those paying. It’s just not right not to!

  3. Clearly a country to avoid. It makes me sad: has to be a very hard place to live in if you’re gay or lesbian.

  4. Marching and protesting against equality? Says it all. They must be so proud.

    (The use of the phrase “homosexual lifestyle” in a poll is very telling too.)

  5. Ukraine still belongs to Russia in every way ,still Russia’s bitch, can’t evolve to think independently for themselves, so not surprising that the bill is dropped

  6. A very corrupt country, avoid at all costs.

    I have a friend who’s wife if ukranian, he has told me some horrible things there about the corruption.

  7. It was not 300 protesters that caused the bill to be dropped. Homophobia is rampant in Ukraine — beatings are more populars than anything positive in the LGBT story. There is a reason why Ukraine is known as the most homophobic country in Europe, and also a reason why its HIV rates are rising at the highest level in the continent as well.

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