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Scotland: Teacher tells student ‘it’s ok to be gay’ and drunkenly climbs into bed with pupil

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 14 May 2013, 10:38am

    Absolutely the right decision. This man isn’t responsible enough to be trusted with the welfare of children. He’s also giving the Religious Right a nice new caricature to beat every LGBT is Scotland with. Utter idiot.

    1. There is no religious right in the UK
      Yes there are weirdo cultists but tis is the lunatic fringe.

      We are NOT the US.

      Based on the massive number of religious stories printed by On you might think se suffer from religion in the UK. The reality is that religion is almost dead in tthis country

      1. Wishful thinking. They may be smaller in number but there are plenty of them, and they have loud voices.

        Only yesterday a story was doing the rounds in the mainstream media regarding concerns about about extremist islamic preachers whipping up homophobic and misogynistic sentiment, and a case cited in the Times where an open discussion had been interrupted by a “religious minder” who filmed the audience and used intimidatory language about those attending.

        Complacency about religious nutters just gives them room to spread their hatred. As a society we need to be consistent about rejecting these extremists: ignoring them and wishing them away plays right into their hands.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 May 2013, 12:14pm

          Totally agree. The religious right made up the majority of the C4M petition. Other hate groups which is what I call them include Christian Concern, Christian Institute and Anglican Mainstream. They’re very well organised, mobilised, well-funded and motivated to mount a campaign targeting the Lords with mendacious information to sway them to reject the equal marriage bill. We on the other hand are complacent, apathetic, lazy and expect others in Parliament to do the all of the work for us. It doesn’t work that way and if we sit back and do nothing before it heads to the Lords and we end up with a rejection, then we’ll have ourselves to blame. There are a lot of like-minded religious people in the Lords who will do exactly what our opponents want as evidenced by MPs who voted no. Hardly any of us contacted them apparently. We were outnumbered even though the vote went in our favour by a huge majority. Never take anything for granted.

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 May 2013, 12:17pm

            I urge all of you to contact the Lords and post the link on Facebook and Twitter for those who use those forms of social media. If need be, write a letter.


      2. Open your eyes, you are seriously deluded.

      3. Bishops – Lords
        ’nuff said.

      4. Heard of ChristianConcern SteveC? They’re taking cases to the ECHR right now attempting to allow the use of religion to be an excuse for discrimination against gay people.

  2. godric godricson 14 May 2013, 10:38am

    This story requires clarification. Where were the Police / PF in all of this and why is this being dealt with as an administrative matter? I suspect that there is more to hear on this one and it may not be as it is portrayed in this brief snippet.

    1. “Drunkenly climb[ing] into bed with [a] pupil” isn’t *necessarily* a criminal offence. For example, suppose they were fully clothed, no sexual contact occurred, it was clearly intended as a joke, albeit a drunken one, and was interpretted as a joke by the student, who could have been as old as 18. I’m not saying that that is the case here — we can’t possibly know because it was a closed hearing. But if it were something like that, it would a serious error of judgement on behalf of the teacher, and it’s quite right that he be struck off. But equally, the police probably wouldn’t consider it a criminal matter. Obviously, the reality might be completely different, but we’re not in a position to know.

      1. TOTALLY inappropriate! Being drunk alone! This man should never be in charge of children again! Rich, I am disappointed in you–trying to make this perhaps OK. Shame on you. I don’t care what he had on. You don’t get into a child’s bed EVER!!!!

        1. He didn’t say it was OK, he was explaining why the police may not have got involved.

        2. Yes, it’s totally inappropriate. And had you actually read what I wrote, you’d see I said that I thought it quite right that he has been struck off and can no longer teach. That’s not the same as saying he’s done something that, under current legislation, is criminal offence. *If* the situation is somewhat like that scenario I described above, and at the moment we’re all just speculating, then it almost certainly isn’t criminal.

          1. Thanks Rich but I did read your post. I didn’t touch on “police” or “criminal” only that it’s inappropriate for a teacher to climb into a students bed even if the student is 85–it could happen–
            To say that it’s anything but inappropriate, I think, is irresponsible. You guys can give me thumbs down all you like but if we make excuses for this type of situation, we are just giving more credibility to those who say we are opportunists with children.

          2. Keith makes my point below

  3. This one time at band camp…

    1. …I WISH! Band camp was never that interesting when I was in high school….

  4. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He obviously has huge issues around self-esteem and, I would say, internalised homophobia, and needs a lot of support. However, he equally obviously needs to sort all this out away from responsible positions with children and young people.

  5. Look closer at the activities of Anglican Mainstream and the Christian Institute who are behind the Coalition For Marriage and now bigging up UKIP. And the Catholics. They seem to be only too easily making their presence felt within the Tory Party at least. I’m not saying they have a hold like in the US, but we should all be aware of them.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 May 2013, 12:22pm

      Exactly right! Ignoring them will be at our own peril if we sit back and let them get away with it unabated. We suffer from a very notable amount of complacency and apathy in regard to equal marriage. Some have been lulled into a false sense of security via CPs which is what the opposition wants to see happen while they make hay bombarding the Lords with lies, misinformation and spurious, hateful comments which some if not many of them will consider. If the bill is rejected, we’ll know why and who was to blame and it won’t be the opposition.

    2. The anti-gay US Alliance Defense Fund is behind the Christian Legal Centre fronted by Andrea Minichiello Williams, the anti-gay fundamentalist’s are here and as we have seen, they have the funding to launch repeated vexatious litigation in the attempt to gain privileges for themselves.

  6. At least the deviant was punished. The rampant priestly homosexual abuse of children in the church often gets covered up..
    And these perverts are pushing for gay marriage!!!

    1. That’s right, Keith. Legal celebration of committed and voluntary relationships between adults causes and encourages abuse of children. Funnily enough, this has mostly happened, seemingly, among straights. Confusing correlation and causation is such fun, though.
      You are, Keith, as usual, a fu@ked-up idiot.

      1. Bless you Keith sweetie, always good for a laugh, calling Riondo “potty-mouthed” while labelling him “human filth”. Your irony meter is working at its usual pace, I see,

    2. Brett Gibson 14 May 2013, 2:57pm

      Trollololol. A Troll is someone who wants you to feel, for a few seconds, as miserable as they do their entire existence.

      WOOPS, didn’t work, keep trying though slugger!

      1. Or is just DESPERATE for attention from the many gay men on here. Keith just can’t keep away!

        1. How many new addresses has he conjured up to keep coming back, do you think Iris? Over 150?

  7. The teacher was a complete idiot. Every molester knows you get the kid drunk first, offer serious money, then you have sex.

    But seriously, I’m less concerned about the teacher being inappropriate as I am about him seeking out the weakest children as a target to exercise his power and control. Sex crimes rarely have to do with sex. More cunning teachers can manipulate greater dangers through just words.

    The child, gay or not, needs reassurance that he did nothing wrong, including he wasn’t the cause of his teacher being reprimanded/arrested. The biggest tragedy in all of this is the child may equate being gay primarily with attractiveness, sex and drinking.

    (Although, the guys at the bar do look better at closing time.)

  8. Michael 2912 14 May 2013, 1:45pm

    There’s no suggestion that the minor (which I presume he was) was harmed although there might be ongoing criminal proceedings that haven’t concluded yet. Assuming that there aren’t then this is really sad. Alcohol befuddles judgement and leads to disinhibition. The only way to avoid that is to refrain from it (which I don’t advocate) or ensure that you’re never in a potentially compromising

    I might be in a minority on this but some of the comments above, given the lack of detail in the report, are on the extreme side and lack compassion. Insofar as giving ammunition to religionists is concerned: they don’t need any. What we should not be doing is indulging in knee-jerk reactions just in case a Muslim or Catholic gets wind. Gay men make mistakes just like everyone else does. If punishment is the right response then it should be the same as would be meted to anyone else. We all to an extent bear the burden of representation: let’s not make it weightier than it needs to be

    1. Michael 2912 14 May 2013, 5:35pm

      Do you have some sort of problem my friend? You don’t have to visit this site you know. Deal with your hatred. You’ll be happier for it.

      1. Keith is always proud to display his “Christian” virtues, Michael.

  9. James Campbell 14 May 2013, 10:52pm

    A 41 year old Primary School teacher (Steven Watt) admitted six charges, including driving a car whilst intoxicated. His behaviour towards a male pupil and what he said to other children who complained of his behaviour could be the subject of a legal case alleging abuse of children in his care. Since he has admitted driving whist intoxicated it is the business of the police. Reference to him being ‘Gay’ is irrelevant other than it being yet another stick to beat gay people with.

    I am a specialist in child mental health and have worked on many cases of child abuse. Under General Teaching Council for Scotland regulations Watt is eligible to re-apply for reinstatement in two years’ time. In my opinion he should never be allowed anywhere near children again.

  10. James Campbell 14 May 2013, 11:16pm

    I am aware that my comments may be irrelevant to those who gather their knowledge of child abuse from the red tops, but in my experience (16 years as a child mental health specialist) very few child molestations are perpetrated by gay men or women. The distinction between a victim’s gender and a perpetrator’s sexual orientation is important because many child molesters don’t really have an adult sexual orientation. They have never developed the capacity for mature sexual relationships with other adults, either men or women. Instead, their sexual attractions focus on children – boys, girls, or children of both sexes. Most child abuse, both physical, sexual, emotional and psychological takes place in the child’s familiar surroundings (home or residential school/club) perpetrated by someone the child already knows, more rarely by a stranger (e.g. Internet grooming).

  11. This is so sleazy. Even if it had been legal, for goodness’ sake, if you’re a teacher or professor and find sexual relationships with your pupils a strong temptation, you should be in another profession altogether.

    1. I absolutely agree!

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