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Russia: Family and friends of male rape beer bottle murder victim say he wasn’t gay

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 May 2013, 1:08pm

    “Mr Kekshin said Mr Tornovoi had never shown any interest in gay men and had mixed with a lot of girls.”

    And the point is? Haven’t many of us done that in our youth? I know I did. I had more female friends than males but it didn’t make me straight. I even denied that I was gay when asked by one girl and this was just before homosexuality was decriminalised. Most parents in those days would have said the same thing because of the sense of shame and ignorance about sexual orientation. How would his parents or anyone really know? This is Russia after all, with an oppressively homophobic government and society and the Russian Orthodox cult throwing it’s influence into the mix.

  2. RIP
    I hope they severely punish the cowardly scum that committed this evil crime

  3. So we are now a “cast”??

    FFS- its 2013!!!!

    1. I think in Volgograd 2013 means something quite different from what it means to us. How horrible it must be to be gay there.

  4. I wondered how long it’d be before the family was out there denying the victim was gay.

    It might be unfair to say this, but one gets the impression it’s the sort of society where it’s shameful (as opposed to tragic) being murdered if you’re gay (“this cast of people”).

  5. So now we go from the closet right into the cast? wtf?

    Anyway, yeah, I find the parents hardly a reliable source. My father even refuses to admit I exist, let alone confirm I’m gay. Fear that’d be no different were I murdered (let’s not hope for that).

    In any case, while relevant for the people involved, from a societal view his actual orientation is irrelevant. He was perceived to be gay and that’s why this terrible thing has happened. It is still a hate crime, still rooted in homophobia, still utterly disgusting.

  6. bobbleobble 14 May 2013, 1:46pm

    It isn’t beyond belief that the guy hid his sexuality from his parents, especially in a country like Russia. Plus the rape with the bottle leans towards punishing him for his sexuality as a motive.

    Does anyone have any idea if Russia has a gay panic defense for murder? That’s the only reason I can think of that these men might have invented his homosexuality as a cover for other motives.

    1. I was just thinking that myself. No doubt the accused will make the claim that the victim made a pass at them and therefore they were justified in killing him. I always thought it would be amusing if countries would implement a straight panic defence that women could use every time a man made an unwanted overture
      towards them. Funeral directors simply wouldn’t be
      able to cope with demand. It would also curtail population growth dramatically. Alas Neanderthals
      would finally become extinct but we could just have a few of them stuffed and placed on exhibition for educational purposes.

  7. Why do his parents believe he would have come out to them?
    Some people stay in the closet even in the most liberal countries so I suppose coming out in Russia is equal to suicide.
    Sadly this case confirms it.

  8. The horror and actions in this crime makes it heinous and most base. What kind of person cuts a persons anus to enlarge it to stuff with beer containers. These sick aliens – nothing else earthly would do such a thing- cannot but be ashamed of what they have done. The proud government leaders of Russia and her religious freaks have a large part in why this happened.

  9. In years to come we will hear about Putin being in the closet or something. I would not be suprised

  10. john lyttle 14 May 2013, 2:25pm

    They rape a young man with beer bottles and he’s the designated gay?

  11. Yes, his so-called friends and family were probably part of the problem, too, figuratively cheering on his torturers.

  12. nixiotemba 14 May 2013, 2:55pm

    of course, there are no gay people in Russia
    specially not my family and friends

  13. I would suspect in somewhere as primitive as Russia, that he would be closeted for fear of murder from his family and that they would deny any fact that he was gay as being gay there must be like having the medieval plague in a medieval mindset. and would bring them shame and violence even by their association with a gay person

  14. Miguel Sanchez 14 May 2013, 4:03pm

    Being gay in Russia is worse than having herpes. If somoene is gay and assaulted, that wouldn’t be a crime worthy of them trying to solve it.


  15. The murderer has told you the reason why he killed your son. Theres no point denying that he was or was not – he has admitted his motive has hatred of gay people. This should inspire you to campaign against state sanctioned and condoned homophobia not to deny it.

  16. It is sad, indeed, that this young man would come to such a violent end.

    I think, perhaps, that his parents may have very well have known he was gay, or at least had an inkling.

    To play devil’s advocate, here, I can understand the parent’s denial, given the fact that they live in a post communist country where one doesn’t have any real friends, except as a means to garner more attention and gratuities from those in power. Had they admitted that their son was, indeed, gay it could have possibly opened them to ostracism and even violence as well.

    As ghastly as it may sound, it is a reality in a country where the privileged few wield power and the lower classes struggle to survive so that even familial bonds are disposable if it means survival.

    Putin envisions himself as the new Stalin and his giving more power to the orthodox church shows that he will use anything and anyone to achieve his goal so the gay population is merely a convenient means to that end.

    1. Beau Nosh II 14 May 2013, 8:13pm

      You should change your heading “ENJOYED THIS ARTICLE?”.
      It is totally inappropriate, unacceptable and insensitive for a horrendous story like this!

  17. It is very possible he wasn’t gay…. In australia afew years ago a man murder another man and because he said the victim made sexual moves on him, he wasn’t convicted. Now that was australia, imagine how homophobic russia is…. this can be their way of try to get a reduced sentence e.t.c because they know how russians feel about it, so they made up the story so they don’t get life or death sentence. It very possible he was murdered for other reasons

  18. I hope they find the people who did this to that poor young man. A horrible thing to do to anyone!

    As for his sexuality. There was a time that if something had happened to me my family and friends would have denied I was gay. Not from shame. Just simply that I’d said nothing to them.

    Sadly nobodies going to know now. At the end of the day, gay or straight; a young life was taken dew to bigotry.

  19. What his sexuality actually was is irrelevant – if the murderer is to be believed, he was killed for what his sexuality was believed to be. In which case it is a hate crime, regardless.

    My fear is, as others have alluded, is that it will be used as an excuse for a lesser punishment

  20. It would not surprise me if now with parents/friends denial that the victim was gay that Russians would put the spotlight on the murderers as being the gay agitators to increase even more extreme homophobia.

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