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New Zealand MP who gave viral pro-equal marriage speech now will not appear on Ellen

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  1. I hope that something might be arranged for him to go on the Ellen Show as I am sure that he could teach some US Politicians a thing or two about equality.

  2. I admire Maurice Williamson for spurning the adulation that Ellen is offering him. He did a fine thing and that thing stands. He doesn’t wish to be adored for it. I read that he agreed to appear on Ellen’s show provided Ellen focussed the interview on New Zealand as a progressive and gay-friendly place. This would have allowed Mr. Williamson an honourable motive for flying to the States: he have been promoting New Zealand as a tourist destination and, possibly, as a place where gays and lesbians might like to emigrate.

    Well done, him! Mr. Williamson has spurned the offer of becoming “a celebrity”.

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