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Isle of Man: Methodist minister defends discriminating against lesbian couple who wanted to rent his property

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 14 May 2013, 2:58pm

    I like to point out to this dickhead so-called minister that scripyure is not clear on this…Jesus does not even mention anything regarding sexuality…He( dickhead minister) just believing his own hatred and more of his own hatred…probably a closeted gay…dickhead…

  2. “He claims his decision was based on his religious views and not prejudice” Well, there is a HUGE contradiction. Religion is prejudicial!

    I wonder what he would have said were it an un-married straight couple? I suspect that it would have been different and that he is, in fact, just another homophobe hiding behind religion.

    1. Good point re the straight couple, any one know the rental history of the place.

  3. … and this man is not a ‘christian’ in anyt sense of the word which is supposedly all about ‘love’. When are our civil laws going to be detached, once and for all, from the influence of religious belief? It is astonishing to me that our daily lives, civil liberties and human rights are STILL swayed by religion. It is pathetic and totally wrong. Of course, what can you expect from tax-avoding backwaters like the Isle of Man? Stuck in the 1930s.

  4. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2013, 3:16pm

    Fact:- There is no defence to discrimination!

    You cannot say “I am not homophobic” and say is isn’t prejudice.

    If this had been reversed we all know what victims they would be and how we’re persecuting them.

    So how is that any different to this?

    It’s not… plain and simples!

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2013, 3:17pm

      Sorry meant ““I am not homophobic… but…”

      1. We got what you meant Jock!

  5. What a shock Religious bigotry defending religious bigotry.

    The end of your reign of terror and hatred is coming. We are the new Pork, how long before they find a way of saying, actually they are ok now, lets welcome them just to stop people leaving them in droves. Personally I will not be interested.

  6. “He claims his decision was based on his religious views and not prejudice.”

    Then his religious views are prejudiced.

    Can people really still be this dumb?
    He may as well claim he respects other races except blacks as it’s a conflicted statement.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 14 May 2013, 3:41pm

    If the shoe were on the other foot and this couple refused to rent a house to a so called ‘christian’ couple, you can bet they’d play the abuse of religious freedom victim card. The trouble with these religious loons is that they believe they have a right to discriminate in the public sector while the rest of society must accept it.

    They wonder why there is so much hostility towards religion? They invite it on themselves.

  8. This man is no more a Christisn than Idi Amin or Pol Pot. The purpose of being a Christian is to be Christlike and the primary message of the Gospels is one of love and compassion. Both the
    OTand the Acts, Epistles and Letters found in the NT are full of war, hatred, bigotry and violence. The Gospels and the rest of The Christian bible in reality are not compatible. If the so called
    Christians adhered to the teachings of Jesus as in the
    Gospels they might actually become Christians in the true
    sense and the world would be a much better place in which to live.

    This message was not brought to you by the RCC, C of E, Mormons, Lutherans, Baptists or any other organisation masquerading as Christian.

  9. Well, I should have known! The person refusing the two lesbians accommodation is a religious nutter, a Methodist minister, who believes in the stuff of fairies, ghosts, spirits, goblins, angels, sprites, elves, and gods!

    And he says he’s not homophobic! He says it’s just his religion that cause him to say what he does! Oh, for crying out loud!

    We really do need to bring back all those Mental Hospitals that Margaret Thatcher closed down in the 1980s! These loonies need treatment!

    1. Beelzeebub 14 May 2013, 5:08pm

      The Methodist branch of protestant religion traces its roots back to 1739 where it developed in England as a result of the teachings of John Wesley.

      One its tenets is ” Perform kind acts as much as possible”

      Clearly he is not following his faith very well.

  10. ““We are not homophobic but we do have a stance on the sexuality,” Mr Price said.”

    Errm well you are. Just because you say your ‘not homophobic’ doesn’t make it true. Really I don’t understand how bigots get away with using this line… it’s the equivalent of saying “I’m not a nazi but I would kill all Jews.”


  11. Keith Price can never take away what these two ladies have, which is love and a life together.

    Once their understandable anger (and our own at their plight), Kira and Laura will still have something Mr Price will never have in life, which is unconditional love.

    Unfortunately, our company doesn’t do any business with any business in the Isle of Man, but if we did, this evening, I’d be making sure we did no further business with the Isle Of Man until such time as the change their laws.

    You can let the Isle of Man Tourist board know that you won’t be going to their Island until such time as they dispense with laws that allow the blatant, and painful discrimination against LGBT people.

    1. Thanks, Paul! Have sent the following to:


      Please advise your superiors and, hopefully, your legislature, that I and my partner have cancelled our plans to visit the Isle of Man owing to the appalling treatment meted out to two homosexual people on the island in the past few days.

      We will only make further plans to visit the Isle of Man once we hear that the Manx government has passed legislation requiring goods and services to be made available to heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people equally, without distinction.


      1. Well done, Eddy.

        I’ve emailed Angela Byrne, Head of Tourism.

        Dear Angela,

        I’ve always wanted to visit the Isle of Man, alas, time and other commitments have always been against me.

        However, I’ve just been reading about the treatment of Kira Izzard and Laura Cull who have been denied a tenancy by Methodist Minister solely on the grounds of their sexual orientation.

        Up until now, I always assumed, wrong as it happens, that the Isle of Man was a place where gay people could enjoy the same legal rights as heterosexual people, obviously not.

        Obviously, as it’s OK for a landlord, shop owner, hotel owner, B&B owner, restauranteur, and so forth, to turn one away solely on the basis of one’s sexual orientation, how you can guarantee that were myself and my partner of more than 22 years living together, that if we come to your beautiful Island, we won’t be turned away from one of your hospitality businesses solely on the basis of our sexual orientation

        1. Excellent letter, Paul. I will now email Tourism as well (as Public Services).

      2. Specifically, can you confirm that each of the accommodation providers listed on your website have been vetted to ensure that such potential door-step humiliations can be guaranteed?

        I look forward to hearing from you, and I’m sorry to have write under such circumstances.

        1. Paul, unless you were being sarcastic, I think you meant:

          ” . . . have been vetted to ensure that the non-occurrence of such potential door-step humiliations can be guaranteed?”

          1. Yes, I unfortunately made a mistake in my anger and haste to write to the them.

            To-date, no reply…

            I’ll keep you posted.

    2. Do you have to be so self righteous? As a gay man living on the Isle of Man, I find your comments incredibly condescending. While what has happened to this poor couple is shameful, to act as if our island is suddenly one full of bigots and homophones is outrageous. Over here, the LGBT community is well accepted, there certainly aren’t the hate crimes you see in the UK and America. I do not feel unsafe and threatened on this island, unlike elsewhere. So yes, by all means, support the Equality Act and help us campaign for it to be enacted. But take your self righteous attitude towards this shocking situation and leave it at the door.

  12. Another evil disgusting religious freak, they should all be rounded up and locked away for the good of society.

  13. Gluttony is a sin. Would the minister insist on sifting through the luggage of a fat couple in case they were hoarding crisps and biscuits? No. Like most of these people, he’s just using religion to disguise his irrational dislike of homosexuality.

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