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Cyprus: Gay couple dragged from car and beaten by gang of eight

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Reader comments

  1. Another place to avoid … at the rate these reports of attacks are coming in, the civilised world is getting smaller by the day.

    1. There are more homophobic attacks in London that the whole of Cyprus. Even though Cyprus has a strong conservative society, homophobic attacks like this one are extremely rare.

      1. oh well that’s ok then!!!

      2. There would naturally be more attacks in London, what with it having 8.1million residents, to Cyprus’ 1.1million.
        I would be interested to know if the same disparity in the number of homophobic attacks is anything close to matching the proportions. For London to be the same as, or worse than Cyprus, the city on it’s own would need to host eight attacks to every one in Cyprus.

        1. Peter Gresswell 14 May 2013, 2:52pm

          According to official statistics there are between 4 and 5 homophobic attacks reported in London every day, although Stonewall believe the actual number of attacks to be much higher.

    2. oh no a homophobic attack happened once in forever? That place sounds evil!! pussy.

  2. Another country we won’t be visiting, anyone planning to visit homophobic countries must be off their trolley !

  3. Still a shocking story especially following on from the horrific murder in Russia last friday. You can’t help but think more of this is going on across the whole of europe, and yes UK included! The attitude of a minority to commit this sort of act has to be stirred by an inner hatred usually stirred up by local or national policies or religion, or a good mix of both! Now we will see just how good Cypriot law and order is in bringing those to justice!

    1. Maybe this has to do with the bill for civil partnerships the government is trying to introduce:

      “In February Cyprus passed a draft bill through the Cabinet on civil partnership in order to enable couples to be legally recognised outside of marriage.
      The legal services will need to process and approve it before passing it on to parliament for discussion and voting later this year.”

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 14 May 2013, 3:26pm

        I am very skeptic about chances of this bill. The sad true is, that Cypriotic society still is very conservative and clerical in the most worse way of this (perhaps state and Orthodox Church exist as two formally separate institutions, in the minds of people they still create an “natural” unity). Only the fact that Nicosia still rest the last capital in the EU without own Gay Pride says very much about non-acceptation of gay relationships in the country of Aphrodit. Of course homosexuality and gay life exist in both parts of island, but I doubt that only very few gay couples live here together for a longer time and have eventually need for recognition of their love in the state register. However, same-sex marriage law is not creation of an new reality, just recognition of already existing. And Cyprus is yet not ready for this, neither society in general, or gay community itself.

  4. Hypocrites – given Greek society was the first to have accepted openly gay men in their society – let me guess was this gang ‘religious’

    1. There really is no point in comparing the Hellenic pre-Christian societies of 2000+ years ago with the present cultures of places like Cyprus, you know.

      1. However, the general bisexuality of Modern Greeks, albeit highly closeted, has to be taken into account and that general bisexuality is linked with Greece’s past, and its culture.

        1. Would you say it’s that different from Turkish bisexuality or the bisexuality found in many Arab societies? I wouldn’t, and I’d suggest in Greece it owes more to centuries of Ottoman overlordship than anything else. In any event, JD was referring to celebrated male relationships, not closeted ones.

          1. Having lived and worked in both worlds, both Arab and Greek, for many ye3ars I would say there IS a difference in the sexual natures of Arab and Greek men.

          2. That’s interesting and I’m sure you have many intriguing stories to tell, but (remaining argumentative to the end!) I would still say that difference is unlikely to be the influence of a culture that petered out some two millennia ago.

          3. Celebrated male to male relationships were very hard to eliminate in the ancient greek world, which died out between 4th and 7th centuries, under strict christian opression. Of course today the greek world is far from the antique reality, more of a very conservative european corner (in the EU). Much is needed to be done, but comparisons to the arab world, are absurd.

  5. Note the oh-so-deft – and, of course, so unpredictable – move on the part of the local police to try and shift the blame on the couple for opening a gay sauna.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 14 May 2013, 2:22pm

    Religion is at the heart of it. The world wasn’t like that until the Abrahamic cults emerged and turned everything upside down. Just look at its history of bloodshed, wars and subjugation of entire cultures, some of them wiped out because they wouldn’t yield to monotheism. The brutally cruel treatment of women and gays lay directly at their feet. That’s the legacy they have left us today.

    1. The extraordinary strength and power of the Greek Orthodox faith in Greek Cyprus has probably played a part in whatever negative reactions there may have been to the opening of the gay sauna. That said, the Greek Orthodox faith in Greece has turned a blind eye to that nation’s extraordinarily high number of sex shops, porn cinemas, and brothels.

      1. Peter Gresswell 14 May 2013, 2:54pm

        And the problem in non-Orthodox London is caused by… We have to be careful to avoid falling into casual national stereotyping just because this horrible thing happened in Cyprus. There are bigots in every society.

        1. Yes, Peter, there are bigots in every society, but that fact should not be used to shut down discussion of the possible whys and wherefores of their prevalence and behaviour.

          LGBTs in Greece and Crypus are a long long way behind us in terms of rights, and the role of the Greek Orthodox clergy in keeping things this way cannot be ignored.

  7. This incident reminds me that Northern Cyprus remains the only place in Europe where being gay is still a crime.

    As Northern Cyprus is a satellite of Turkey, Turkey should be accountable for the violations of human rights to privacy in Cyprus.

    1. I think decriminalisation is about to happen. Turkey isn’t accountable for the laws on the North. It has been legal in Turkey since the 19th century…

      1. Well said Lev. I also understand that a bill is in the process of being passed to legalise gay marriage. @Jean, don’t use this as an excuse to be Turkophobic please!

  8. I guess the police there would also say that a Jewish person would also be justifiably attacked because they opened up a Jewish business too. The police would look as though they are doing their jobs if they made that statement after having arrested and interrogated the perpetrators.

  9. That is Cyprus crossed off the list of the pink pound then! Are there any more details about what is supposed to have happened? I hope the couple make a speedy recovery. Sadly, the police in Cyprus has a terrible record for following up allegations of racism and homophobic attacks

    1. The story is not entirely correct as I am one of the victims. The main reason for the assault was that we refused to sell our land to the neighbor, the fact that he is homophobic ( only called gays get out of here) and the fact that he does not know about our gay club is neither here nor there.

  10. 18th century thinking, or no thought at all. Unacceptable in the 21st century.

  11. The story is not entirely correct as I am one of the victims. The main reason for the assault was that we refused to sell our land to the neighbor, the fact that he is homophobic ( only called gays get out of here) and the fact that he does not know about our gay club is neither here nor there.

  12. Nearly a Year on and the Gay Sauna in Limassol is doing very well

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