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Russia: Identity of man killed and raped with beer bottles revealed

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Reader comments

  1. Poor guy, the attitude that the Russian government foster and promote is indirectly responsible for his suffering. If it was not seen as ok, in Russia, to be homophobic then maybe people would have let him be. No one deserves to be murdered but to die that way and for being gay is sickening :(

    1. Bill Cameron 13 May 2013, 9:54pm

      I agree with almost all of this, except I’d strike out the first two letters of the word “indirectly”. It is truly shocking what is tolerated in that awful country.

    2. Are you stupid? Is murder legal in Russia by any chance? No.. anr they still killed them. The fact that Russia doesn’t try to make these freaks news and win elections on their back, doesn’t mean they are responsible for the idiots that kill them.

  2. Russia is a long long way from the gradual path to sexual enlightenment that the West has embarked on.

    Here’s a good video showing the kind of openness that is slowly developing in the USA.

    See people being confronted with the question that we get asked all the time!

  3. Heartbreaking, my he rest in peace.

    This reminds me of the UK under Thatcher, I hope Russia catches up.

  4. A homophobic propaganda should be punished with lengthy jail terms. Politicians who spread homophobia deserve to die. Churches that sow hatred of homosexuality and gays should be deligalised.

  5. Rudehamster 13 May 2013, 11:03pm

    This news has made me cry.
    I find it annoying when the young, the foolish & the ill-informed in the UK whine on about why people have to ruin Pride with politics. They & a number of homophobes yelp that we’ve got our rights, so why don’t we shut up?

    THIS is why we don’t shut up! This case and hundreds like it every year, is why we don’t shut up. This is why I won’t shut up.

    We have to fight. Not just for our rights but the rights of all gay people throughout the World.

    Russia is again being ruined by the KGB and their backward ideas. Gay people are again being selected out, beaten and killed. Only this time the law is on the side of the bullies.

    I hope this case does some good and it opens a few eyes, but I’m afraid I know otherwise. I’ve seen it too often.
    I’d like to think that the murderers will be treated harshly, but they won’t. A large section of ruling society will see this heinous act as a good deed.

    To the family of Vladislav Tornovoi, I offer condolences.

    1. Colin (London) 15 May 2013, 1:01am

      Well said….

  6. Most distressing. Poor man.

  7. Just wait and see, you’ll be seeing reports of Jews being attacked. I find it ironic it was done on Vday celebrating the win over fascism. The can’t see the forest because of the trees. I fear for the people of Russia.

    1. Derek Williams 6 Aug 2013, 11:24am

      Absolutely right, this is just the beginning of the pogroms.

  8. Totally shocked to the core at this barbaric assult. Yes homophobia and backed by a national political homophobic aganda from Putin and the KGB downwards with Religious Orthodox support, but fuelled in the end by alcohol which sparked a brutal assault. Can we expect internal or even international condemnation of this crime? I doubt it, and that, in a way is even more shocking! We shall now see what the Russian authorities do with the two they have arrested. I’m just waiting for the gay defence tactic to rear up and they walk off with a minor ticking off! Some wonder why we still shout above our weight about gay rights even in the UK with all the advances in the law and attitude. Well now you have the sickening answer! How many more must die?

  9. Thanks “Adolf” Putin… The blood of teenagers is on YOUR filthy hands!

  10. Derek Williams 6 Aug 2013, 11:22am

    Outrageous that all these depraved attacks are being carried out with government approval and supported by the common people of Russia on religious grounds.

  11. This is disgusting and a waste of a young lads life, how much cruel can you get, saying this have to admit russia is very happy at murders and life taking for instance Russian submarine Kursk explosion. now the gays, someone needs to get this country some lessons

  12. Things like this just reinforce the fact that the most egregious violence against gays is often by repressed homosexuals: They raped him. I know, I know, rape is about power, but it’s also about severe sexual repression on the part of the rapist.

    A violent man might beat a guy up, murder him, steal from him, etc. But one who tortures another for his sexual orientation, especially using sexual violence, is projecting his own thoughts onto his victim.

    The perpetrator(s) are so repressed with their own orientation that they’ve twisted their self-hatred onto a target. Why else would someone so violent and full of hatred strip and rape a man, if that kind of thing supposedly disgusts him so much?

  13. why can’t Russia wake up! the amount of killings, rapes and hate crime’s in general towards gay people living in Russia is sickening. I think the government would be shocked at how many gay’s,bisexuals and lesbian’s there are livening in secret scared to come out in case of violent attacks. I a 20 year old gay man, i know a young Russian gentleman age 24 scared, trapped and feeling like there is no road ahead being treated worse than a caged animal. Where are these people’s rights and why are they not getting what they deserve a LIFE!!

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