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Northern Ireland: 80% of homophobic crime is not reported

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Reader comments

  1. Are you really surprised?
    If I lived there I would be wanting to move.

    1. Hmm! Glad you’re not prejudiced in any way.
      Impugning everybody in Northern Ireland, or is Northern IReland the only place in the world where Gays are attacked and discriminated against?

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 13 May 2013, 1:13pm

    I’m so hoping that one day soon, catholics will outnumber protestants in NI giving them the chance to vote for unification with the republic. Oh how I’d love to see the Paisleyite scum squirm.

  3. Robert it is not about being catholic or prods it is about loyalist and republican, Irish or British.
    There is a good number of catholics and prods who want a untied Ireland same as there is a good number who do not want a untied Ireland.
    Plus a month ago I was dressed as a girl M-F, was assulted by five man in front of two police land rovers with twenty police standing looking at the attack as it happened, When the attack was over I repored what happen to the police and they sayed ” there is nothing we can do ” I sayed why they sayed ” you have no whitness” and that why they say there is a lot of attacks going ureported .

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