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Nintendo to ‘fix’ bug which allowed male same-sex relationships in computer game

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Reader comments

  1. Maybe the fix will allow female characters to marry…

    Yeah I know, that won’t happen… *sigh*

  2. You can’t fix love.

  3. How do “male same-sex couples have children” in this game?

    They may adopt, they may use a surrogate, but somewhere along the line a woman is involved. The child will have a mother!

  4. The patch Nintendo SHOULD be sending is to fix the other issues and to also allow female characters to marry etc….not to get rid of the parent ‘strange’ relationships already happening.

    Not impressed Nintendo!!

  5. Brett Gibson 13 May 2013, 3:45pm

    Very disappointing Nintendo. The Sims, since its inception has allowed gay and lesbian relationships, with adoption added for children.

  6. Was tempted to buy a Wii U, but I’ll wait for the PS4 (First time moving to the dark side from Ninty!).

  7. in one of my sims towns I have a fairy called cute pink.

    he is going out with a muscly wizard called blane with long brown hair.

    but he is also a love rat and sometimes summons other fairies to have a quick woohoo in the fairy house when blane isn’t around.

  8. Classic Nintendo…
    Trying to remain “child-friendly” without realising kids can handle gay people.

    Listen to your fans, Nintendo!

  9. StormofStarzZ2 16 May 2013, 8:11pm

    Why fix what is not broke?

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